They found Link trapped in a Well, they are fighting the Heartless and they saved him. And then Heartless has appeared

Komasan: Monge!

Whisper: Not now, whis!

Link get out of the well

Link: Navi! Help me for something!

Then a Yellow Ball has appeared

Navi: By George, I've got it! Strike them to the chest.

He slash them and they are gone

Minutes Later

Link: I see, thanks, Shoutmon.

Gumdramon: Link, what are you doing out here?

Link: On a quest to find six sages. They are the only ones who can stop Ganondorf. I just payed a visit to Spirit Temple. Throughout my adventures, I had a help from my Horse Epona, and Navi the Fairy.

Komajiro: Fairy?

Navi: He means me you naughty boy. I'm Navi. The Fairy of the Kokiri Forest. The Fairies that live here with the Kokiri Children. All of the Children have Fairies.

Jibanyan: All of them, nyan?

Navi: Except for Link. He's a Lonely boy. I help Link in his travel for his advice on his opponents. And our opponents aren't exactly a cup of tea. So, can we go have some Tea, Link?

Link: I'm good.

Navi: Alright.

Link: And we need to do is to go back to Hyrule.

USApyon: How come, Dani?

Link: Seven Years ago, Ganondorf attacked the Castle and Zelda run away. She and I got away from him. But he still succeeded on gaining a complete power. I still regret pulling the Master Sword out. And... If only I could tell her how I really feel about her (Sigh) You see, she's a Princess and I'm a Forest Boy. She could never fall a guy like me. 

Whisper: Oh... Wait! Princess?

Komasan: Zelda?

Shoutmon: Oh, that's right. She's in Trouble, link.

Link: What!? Come on, let's go!

They are riding his head and they went back to Hyrule

Navi: This is great! It's so nice to visit other places beside staying in same place.

Damemon: I guess you don't leave that much, right?

Navi: It's what we Fairies do. We're not allowed to leave the forest with the children, but Link was given a special mission. But sadly, I have to go back.

Link: How about this, Navi. After Ganondorf, I'll let you go and you'll be free to see whatever you want.

Navi: (Gasp) You do that for me?!

Link: Yes. It's a Promise, after we save Zelda.

They made it back here and they explained everything to Link

Link: I see. So Ganondorf is not the only after Zelda, but the Crest as well.

Navi: Crest? I think I heard about that.

Jibanyan: You did, where?

Navi: It's about Two Hundred years ago. I don't know where it was.

Link: We better go to the Castle gate, come on!

They made here and they saw Ganondorf with Sheik

Ganondorf: Setting your sites a little high, aren't you boy? You see, appearances can be deceiving. Ever a little traitor.

Link: What are you talking about?

Ganondorf: You haven't notice? Her Disguise haven't fool us.

He use a Magic Chant and then Sheik is turning back into Zelda

All: (Gasp)

Link: ZELDA!

Zelda: I'm terribly sorry, Link.

Link: (Whisper) Navi, tell where he's weakness is?

Navi: Don't worry, Link, I'll find it.

Ganondorf: I have no weakness. But your fairy friend could be useful to me.

He use his dark magic and then he got Navi

Navi: Link! Help me!

Then Ganondorf got her

Ganondorf: And now, I bid you all farewell, attack!

He disappeared, and then Heartless has appeared, they are fighting it and they defeated it

Link: Zelda!

They heard Ganondorf evil laugh

Link: We have to go! To Ganondorf's Castle!

They went off

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