They found Darkwing Duck

Otto: Are you Darkwing Duck?

Darkwing Duck: Of course. I am the terror that flaps in the night.

Otto: And what's wrong?

Darkwing Duck: It's just that.... My friend, Morgana call me. Is something happen to her?

Nova: Well, yes.... Negaduck gave her the Potion of Eternal Sleep and I'm afraid she cannot wake up.

Darkwing Duck: What! Where is she? Where can I find her?

Otto: At her House.

Darkwing Duck: Okay. Thanks.

He went off

​Nova: We have to find the Fearsome Five somewhere.

Otto: Let's go.

They went off to find them and then they got sucked from the Portal, then they found the Fearsome Five and they are fighting them and defeated them, and they are Back in St. Canard

Otto: We're back?

Nova: I guess we are.

They went back to Morgana House, they are still crying for her, then Darkwing Duck found her.

​Darkwing Duck: Morgana, why? Why!? Why would you do this for? (Crying) I guess, this is a goodbye for now. Goodbye, Morgana.

He kissed her and he Cry alot, and then Morgana has awake, Then everybody look so surprised

Nova: Morgana!

Morgana: Darkwing?

Darkwing Duck: Morgana? You're back!

They are Cheering for her from her slumber

Nova: This is a Miracle.

Otto: It is.

Flashback has started

Nova is worried about Sparx, who he doesn't wake up

Nova: Sparx, I wonder if you ever wake up. (Sigh) It's been 3 Day's, since Chiro became a new leader. Well, I better go. Bye.

She's gonna leave his room, and then Sparx has awaken

Nova: Sparx!? You're awake! Antauri! Gibson! Otto! Chiro! Sparx has awake!

Flashback has end

They are celebrating for Morgana, Otto and Nova are watching them

Nova: I think, every waking has a journey. Maybe Sparx left... Because it was his time.

Otto: Yeah, it is.

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