?????: It's time you dealt with your friends. They are scheming o take everything you have. You village and this Scroll. And then- your family. Trust no one. Feed your pain and fear. Only those will keep you stronger.

Naruto: I've had enough or strength. There's only one thing I want- 

??????: What? To Reunited you parent, to gain approved of your peers, to win the affection for the girl? Or perhaps you want to prove the villager to your not a monster? But the matter of fact is... is you.

Naruto look Angry, and then Ace and his friends appeared

?????: We? She has accomplishes.

He disappeared 

Ace: Naruto?

Naruto look Angry

Ino:Oh No! Naruto!

He's gonna fight him, and they have bring out his sentence and they did it

Naruto: Ino, What happen to me?

Ino: You lost control of yourself. After you consumed by the Kyuubi's power.

Wile: And even though, you put your finds down there in the basement.

Naruto: I did what?

Ino: Well, you did.

Ace: Who was that person talking to you? The one in a black coat?

Naruto: Edward. That's his name. He came from the darkness... he... used my Fear and pain to control me. He take all my sorrows my sadness, and pain- and turned it all into rage. There's nothing I can do... I could no longer see the Truth.

Wile: I see now. That must be why you throw all of your friend down there into the Basement. You waned to make sure that you didn't hurt them, was it?

Naruto: Was that the reason? I protect them?

Wile: Yes. And we know that you have good inside.

Ino: He's right, Naruto. We've all seen how kind you can be. After all... Sakura can see the goodness in your heart, but I'm afraid you've yet to-

Naruto: Sakura! (Sigh) I've mistreated her... I've mistreated her and been so selfish.

Ace: So doesn't say anything about that.

Naruto: She'd never telo anymore of my cruelty... she's too good.

Ino: You see, I think he judges himself far too harshly.

Ace: Why don't you just talk to her?

Naruto: But-

Ace: No excuses! Come on, we'll go with you.

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