At night

Ace: (Yawn)

Rev: I'm getting sleepy for this.

Wile and Taz saw something

Wile: Hey, it's that? Hey, you!

They ran off

Ace: Wile, Taz! Wait!

They are gonna chase them, but Bugs stop them

Bugs: Fellas, where are you going?

Ace::Bugs. Listen. Wile and Taz just took off.

Bugs: What? Why would they leave there post?

Then Daffy is running

Bugs: Daffy! Slow down, and what's wrong?

Daffy: It's a Disaster, of course!

Bugs: Settle down, and what's going on?

Daffy: Marvin is gonna a Kidnap the Princess.

Bugs: What? He made us to become a Musketeer's.

Daffy: He lie to us!

Bugs: Lie? Well, Lie or no Lie. Musketeer's will never run for danger.

Daffy: Well, I quit! I'm going to find a new Job.

He's gonna leave

Bugs: Wait! Daffy! Together we can stop Marvin. 

Ace: Yeah, we're in this together.

Bugs: Come on. We'll be right beside you, because we're best friends.

Daffy: I don't wanna do this. I'm sorry, Bugs.

He ran off

Bugs: Daffy, wait!

He's already gone and Bugs look so sad

Ace: Don't worry, he'll be back.

Bugs: Yeah, I hope he will.

Ace: So that "Alien" is the culprit. I wonder what he's up to.

Then they saw Marvin laughing up there

Marvin: What am I up to? I'm up for my plan!

Bugs: (Gasp)

Ace: Marvin?

Marvin: Who's that? (Laugh) Anouther earthlings looking to be endangered... You, and those foolish esrthlings!

Then dream Eaters appeared

Bugs: Marvin, but the power vested in me as a Musketeer, I after you. Mister!

Marvin: Oh Really? How about this? But the power invested in my ray gun, I frozen you!

Then he blast Bugs, and he look frozen

Ace: Bugs!

Then they got  knocked out from the Dream Eater

Minutes Later

Daffy: (Voice) Ace?

Wile: (Voice) Rev?

They wake up

Ace: (Gasp) Where's Bugs?

Wile: You see, Marvin just took Bugs to Mont Saint-Michel. And it looks like he's in trouble. When the Tides comes in, the dungeon will fill up with water!

Daffy: And so does Bugs!

Rev: Well, come on. We have to go save them!

Daffy: But... How can we do that?

Ace: What's up with you!? You, Taz and Wile wouldn't have come back if you weren't ready to save him! We're friends- friends for life, remember.

Daffy: Yeah!

Wile: Best Friends to the end.

Rev: Come on, let's go!

All: Yeah!


Bugs is drowning and he cannot hold his breath much longer

Minutes later

Ace and the other saved him

Bugs: Wile? Taz? Daffy, You too, Ace? Rev? You came back.

Daffy: Come on, let's go save the princess.

Bugs: (Sigh) You guys. We're not even real Musketeer's.

Ace: No way. You are real Musketeer's! And don't tell anybody else tell you you're not.

Daffy: It doesn't matter what we wear.

Wile: Only what kind of heart it is that beats inside of you!

Bugs look happy

Bugs: You know, you're right. When the bunch of us stick togheter, we can accomplish anything! Marvin said he was headed for the Opera House. And that's where we'll find Her Majesty! Come on, Musketeers! We've got a princess to save.

All: Yeah.

They went to the Opera and they made it

Ace: Hey, look!

Goon 2: You! Those nitwits! 

Goon 3: The boss is gonna be mad.

Goon 1: Hurry!

They carried and Lola is inside

Lola: Help me!

Bugs: It's the Princess! Come on. It's time to put our musket to the test!

They went off and they are in the Stage

Bugs: You lost, Marvin.

Daffy: There's no Escape.

Wile: Yep, it's four against one now!

Marvin laugh and then a Crate is gonna crush them

Ace: Look out!

Then the Crate has disappeared

Ace: What the?

Marvin: Huh?! That's impossible!

Rev: Tech..

Ace: Duck. It's them, they always be on our side! Alright! Musketeer's! Get the Princess to safety! Me and Rev will handle things here.

Bugs: Alright, thank you.

Marvin: Why you... How come you foiled my plans! This doesn't add up for this! Minions!

Ace: That's right. You'll need help.

They are fighting them and they'd defeated them

Next Day

Lola: In gratitude for being so brave and saving us all, I hereby officially doubt them the Royal Musketeer's. Thank you all!

They are cheering

Bugs: Alight! Everyone!

All: All for one and one for all!

Minutes later

Ace: All for one, and one for all!

They aim their swords to the Symbol and they got it.

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