They are almost at the final

Giovanni: Okay, that doesn't gonna work. I need something to destroy them. But how?

Then Sliver Appear

Sliver: Excuse me, coming through. I'm going to the last match.

He got an idea from that Hedgehog

Giovanni: Hey! hedgehog!

Silver: Huh?

Giovanni I have something to show you.

Back to Lobomon and his friends

They are waitimy for their next opponent and it was Sliver the Hedgehog and they are gonna fight, and then they defeated him. They're gonna leave, until Silver has began to attack Lobomon

Lobomon: What are you doing!? The match is over!

He look his attack

Agunimon: He's got into him? 

Loweemon: I don't know.

Sliver: Please...

Lobomon: What?

Sliver: Destroy... the .... Collar.

They saw the Collar

Agunimon: He has been control?

Giovanni: Huh? So what do you think? Do you like that Hedgehog I have? See- right here, this- it's the mind control helmet. Could have been yours. Still could, I'd you open up to it.

Agunimon: Giovanni! You're the one who controlling him? That Helmet... Will never have him!

Sliver: Please... You've gotta... Save me.

They are fighting and defeated him, and the helmet got destroyed And the crowd are Cheering

Giovanni: You know, what forget it. It look like I get the wrong Pokemon for this.

He left and Sliver get up

Agunimon: Are you okay?

Sliver: I'm... Fine. I finally free from him. Where did...

Lobomon: He left.

Silver: Aw, man! How could that man brainwashed me? I'll never live it down!

Lobomon help him up

Silver: Thank you. Er...

Lobomon: Lobomon. This is Agunimon and Lobomon.

Sliver: Thanks, you guys. I'm Sliver.

He look at him

Silver: Yep. Definitely, them, you're exactly what I pictured a hero would be. You're not the way you look... There's something else about you.

Loweemon: We're not a Hero. Believe me.

Sliver: Are you kidding? Listen to everybody who's Cheering to you.

They saw all the People Cheering to them

Silver: You don't have to decide if you're a hero or not. They are. And they've already made up their minds. If you like it or not, you're their hero.

He punch Lobomon in the shoulder

Silver: And mine, too. (Sigh) It's too bad, I really wanted to fight you fair and square.

Then Lobomon punch him in the shoulder

Lobomon: Maybe sometime, Silver.

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