Brian and Stewie are drifting in their dream and remember what Tino Said

Tino: (Voice) Brian, Stewie. I want you to take care of my friends... After that... Rescue me.

After that, they wake up

Bertram T. Monkey: Phew, you're okay!

Brian and Stewie get up

Brian: Tino!

They look around for Tino and he saw him

Brian: You're okay, Tino!

They ran to him

Stewie: Tino!

Brian: Tino?

Then he attacked them then Matau blocks the attack with his Keyblade

Matau T. Monkey: That's not Tino!


They know Lord Vortech takes over him

Tino-Vortech: The X-blade will open a door. One that leads to ALL worlds! Then, lots of warriors will go here. From each and every one of them to fight for the light within Kingdom Hearts! And just like my brother Ryvine says, everyone will hate Kamen Guts and the Keyblade war will start!

Brian: Shut up!

Stewie: We are sick and tired of your stories. Give Tino his heart back!

They are fighting him and then they can't fight him, because he's so strong

Tino-Vortech: Giving up? Kamen Guts is the worst.

Brian and Stewie look at their wayfinders 

Brian & Stewie: Peter... Lois... Chris... Meg... Give us strength.

Then their Keyblade is glowing, and they're gonna fight him

Tino-Vortech: You are stupid like Kamen Guts!!

They clash to each other and Lord Vortech staff is gonna break

Tino-Vortech: What!?

Then Brian and Stewie defeated him and the Staff gone Haywire

Bertram: Oh no, It's gone Haywire!

Brian and Stewie saw Tino turned back to normal

Both: Tino!

They are going to save him and then Staff break into pieces, they save him and they scream

Hours Later

Brian and Stewie wake up in their living room

Matau T. Monkey: Look, they're awake.

Brian: Where are we?

Optimus: Brian, Stewie. You have lost consciousness, fortunately, we found you in the forest, and take you back home for a proper care.

Brian: But where's...

Optimus: I'm sorry, but there's no sign of Ryan.

Matau T. Monkey: [starts crying] Master Ryan....

They look at Tino who was sleeping

Stewie: Tino? Tino?

Optimus: I'm afraid he's in a Coma now.


Optimus: Dr Hartman said that Tino will wake up for a whole Year. And I guess, he won't fight until he wakes up

Brian: No... Well... Me and Stewie will take him home, until he awake... For a whole year for now.

Evil Ryan: Yes.

Optimus: I will tell you what your friend needs right now. It is not your protection. He needs you and Stewie to believe. You see, Tino's Dream hangs in the balance. It sleeps in the place between light and darkness. From all I can percieve, that means he will be in a dream that make him come true--one who believes in him, to show them the way for his dream. Just as long as you are so kind to him him... then Tino will be able to find you when he wakes. He can follow the kindness back to where he came from... The Dream of Light.

Evil Ryan: Even better... the Realm of Light.

Optimus: Don't worry, Brian. I believe in Tino too... Because he was a good boy to me as anybody, and if you both and me believe in our hearts, so that means he have 2 lights to follow, instead of one.

Brian: Actually, Optimus... 3 Lights. Ryan.

Optimus: But Ryan is gone... Maybe for good.

Brian: I think... Me and Stewie know where to find him.

They look at their wayfinder

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