They made it to Hollow Bastion

Shoutmon: Anybody here?

USApyon: Shahra!

Whisper: The Castle is in Danger!

Then she appeared

Shahra: What do you want? Oh, it's you boys. It looks like you've learned a bit since the last time I saw you.

Gumdramon: Last time?

USApyon: Whoa, whoa, Whoa, we need to tell you soemt! We need your help, Shahra It's Myotismon, he's back

Shahra: With all the Heartless?

Komasan: Yep.

Shahra Oh No!

USApyon is talking everything about the Castle


Enma heard a voice

USApyon: (Voice) There's Heartless in every part of the castle...

Then they have appeared

USApyon: The king is in Danger. What the?

Shoutmon: How do we get here?

Shahra:I should check this out.

She look at the Cornerstone of Light

Shahra: Let's see...

Enma: What's happening Shahra?

Shahra: This is not good. In fact. I'm afraid, it's quite serious.

She created a Door

Shoutmon: Is that a Door?

Shahra: Yes. And that is a Gateway to a special world. Someone in that world is responsible for what's going on in this Castle. Of that, I'm certain.

USApyon: All right!

Komajiro: We know we can count in you, Zura!

Gumdramon: Then we should go get him.

Shahra: Wait a moment. The perpetrators must be stopped, or course. But there's something else to do first. Somewhere in that world, there should be another door that's identical to this one. I believe our enemies are utilizing that door. As long as it remain open, the world will be in grave danger. Listen carefully, Gumdramon. You must find that door. And when you do- and use you're power to destroy it.

Gumdramon: Right!

Damemon: You can count on us!

Shahra: And one more thing. You're heading into a very special world. While you're there, the nature of that works may tempt you to do something dark. You must resist that temptation at all cost.

Ace: What does it mean?

Shahra: You will find out. I have faith in you, boys!

They went to the Door

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