Sora and Ryan are back in Hollow Bastion's Grand Hall)

Goofy: Sora! Ryan! Gawrsh, you made it back!

Donald: Yay! You're here!

Mickey: Welcome back, Sora, Ryan. Good, you look like you're okay.

Ryan: Mickey! It's good to be here! You guys, listen. You'd never believe the stuff we saw!

Mickey: Actually, we saw it all. You got rid of the last of the bugs from the datascape. We really owe ya!

Sora: Yep. Happy I could help. Oh, hey! Riku! Is Riku all right?

Ryan: And my brother?

(Riku and Cody walks up the stairs to the stage and joins them)

Riku: We're just fine. Sorry to put you through all that.

Sora: Riku!

Ryan: Cody!

Riku: Looks like we managed to keep that promise.

Sora: Yeah!

Ryan: I wish we had some time to sit around and catch up, but these guys need to hurry. Go there.

(Riku and Cody opens a gateway)

Riku: As promised, that's your road home to the real world where everyone's waiting for you.

Optimus: So this is it. Time for us to leave. And time to say bye to the datascape.

Jiminy: It's not everyday that I get to explore me and Spikewave journal's world. Now that the moment's here, I'm kinda sad we hafta go.

Ryan: You can always come back another time!

Goofy: Great idea! And next time, we can bring everybody!

Sci-Ryan: Yeah! That sounds like fun!

Riku: Actually...there's something important I haven't told you yet. It's just... No. It can wait until you've made it through.

Mickey: Thank you, Riku. Good-bye! You four take care, okay?

Sora: Yep, see ya!

Ryan: Bye!

Riku: Heh.

(Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy and the others wave good-bye and enter the gateway. Once the light around them fades, they find themselves back in Disney Castle's Library)

Mickey: Did we...?

(Chip and Dale arrive)

Dale: Yahoo! We have been waiting for you!

Chip (laughing): You're here! Welcome home!

Matau: Chip and Dale are here, so I think that means...

Bertram: We're really here!

Jiminy: It's true! We're finally home! Our castle in the real world.

(Everybody cheers)

Goofy: Hooray! We did it!

(Riku's voice is heard from the computer)

Riku: Can you guys hear me?

(They all look at the screen)

Cody: Glad to see you made it back safely.

Mickey: Loud and clear, Riku and Codu! We're here because of you. Thank you.

(Riku, Cody, Ryan and Sora stand in the Grand Hall)

Riku: Well, guess Sora, Ryan, Cody and I are done for now.

Sora (smiling): Heh.

Evil Anna: Huh? Whaddaya mean by that?

Riku: It's all over now that we figured out how to get rid of the bugs. The journal will go back to the way it was. Is that right, Jiminy?

Jiminy: Yes, it should return to how it was, when I first wrote everything down. Without all those pesky bugs, the journal entries should appear back in their original state.

(Goofy and Crash tries to process this information)

Cody: Right. The entries will reappear as they were before. And all of the rest...has to be reset. That means, the whole adventure we all shared... It'll be swept from our memories like it never happened.

Crash: Does that're gonna forget about the time we were together? Even all the stuff that we're talkin' about right now?

Riku: We're nothing but data. That's just the way it goes.

Goofy: Not fair.

(Mickey, Goofy, and Donald and the others lower their heads in sadness)

Sora: Mickey, still there?

(They raises their heads back up)

Mickey: Sora?

Ryan: Riku explained things. I know it's not what we all would want, but guys, if that's the way everything's meant to be then...

Donald: That makes me sad.

Spikewave: You went through so much. You really helped us in the datascape. Taking all that away is such a...

Sora: Thank you. But actually, we're okay with it. Besides, you won't be able to get rid of us that easily. Me, Ryan, Cody and Riku, we aren't going anywhere. We might lose some memories, but that doesn't matter when we've still got you guys. Our adventure may not be found in the journal, but you'll always find us in your hearts. (touching his heart) No matter what happens, we'll be right here. As long as you remember us, and everything that we've been through together... Well then, who knows?

Goofy: Sora...

(Everyone in the Library is crestfallen)

Ryan: Heh. Well, we should sign off here. I guess it's good-bye, guys. Give the "us" out there our best, okay?

(An alarm sounds from the computer and alerts everybody)

Jiminy: What's that?

(A message appears on the computer screen: "Data recovery...100%. Data assembly complete. Glitch found in darkness. Awakening dark glitch. Delete Datascape YES/NO? Y__ YE_ YES". In the data Hollow Bastion, the world starts to shake)

Riku: What is this power? It's so much stronger than anything I've ever felt before! Could it be some sort of bug?

Goofy: Bugs!? But how could that happen? I thought we got rid of all of 'em!

Crash: I thought we did too. There's a chance we were wrong.

Donald: Aww... What do we do now?

Riku: That message said it was going to delete the datascape. We can't let something that powerful get loose. The journal data has to be locked!

Optimus: But, then we're gonna lose you and Sora, AND what was in the journal! We'll lose it all!

Jiminy: That's not the only problem! Both Maleficent, Kaos, Swiper and Pete are still inside the datascape, too! We can't let them be deleted, can we?

Mickey: Even if I've never been their biggest fan, they're not made of data. We have gotta find a way to save them!

(Mickey clenches his fist with resolve as Donald and Goofy nod in agreement. Riku grunts in frustration)

Mickey: Huh?

Riku: Then locking the data isn't an option? Both worlds are at stake! What do we do?

Sora: Oh, no... You guys, hang tight! We'll take care of this.

(Sora and Ryan begins running in the direction of the Final Keyhole portal)

Riku: Sora? Ryan? Where are you going? Hey! (pursuing Sora and Ryan) Sora, Ryan, are you crazy!?

Ryan: No way we're gonna leave them out there! You heard what Mickey said. I gotta find Pete, Swiper, Kaos and Maleficent!

Cody: But you don't even know where they are!

Sora: Then we'll just have to go look for them!

Riku: Aren't you afraid? All our memories, our entire existence, even this whole world could get erased!

Sora: We're afraid. Why wouldn't we be? But, you know why we have to do this.

Riku: Huh?

Ryan: You've been in our shoes before. You've fought with no one beside you. Because you knew that was a lot less scary than just sitting around and Waiting by yourself for the end to come. Riku, you once said: "What's important are the actions that you take." I don't know if there's any way that we can win, but I know...I've gotta at least try.

(Riku, Codu watches as Sora and Ryan enters the portal. Elsewhere, Pete, Swiper, Kaos and Maleficent stand in a green-and-blue room with a floor composed of data chips and a wall lined with a flashing grid. Pete is knocked backward by something but regains his balance before he could stumble)

Pete: 'Scuse me there, Maleficent, Kaos, but do you really think we're gettin' anywhere with this colossus?

Maleficent: Hmph! No matter. Any less of an opponent would be an insult.

(Pete, Kaos, Swipee and Maleficent are faced off against a large Darkside Heartless with markings on its body that constantly change color. Sora and Ryan enters the room through a data cloud and puts himself in between the duo and the Heartless)

Sora: It's him! I fought this thing on the island. But I thought it got swept away into the darkness along with everything else... Listen to me! You four need to get outta here!

Maleficent: Do you actually think I'll take orders from one such as you?

Kaos: No way!

Pete: Yeah, but, uh, Maleficent, I think the pip-squeak here may have a point.

Swiper: Me too!

Maleficent: Silence, coward! You will do as I---

(They notice the giant Heartless charging energy in its fist and getting ready to attack)

Maleficent: What!?

Pete: Huh!?

(The fice braces for impact as the Darkside slams its fist down on them. Before it could make contact, however, a  light flashes and Pete, Swiper, Kaos and Maleficent are nowhere to be seen once it subsides)

Sora: Pete! Maleficent!

Ryan: Swiper! Kaos!

(Sora and Ryan stares down the Heartless. It roars, catching Sora and Ryan off guard)

Sora: Unbelievable... This guy's a lot stronger than what I fought before! No way is this the same guy!

Ryan: Me too. I fought that guy from that School I been.

?????: Rage... Hatred... And now, glitches to feed my darkness.

Sora: It feeds on the glitches?

Riku: Wait, that's it! Sora, Ryan, you're not the only one who changed, who evolved within the datascape!

Sora: Riku, you wanna fill me in?

Riku: Yes, but listen to me carefully. I know where the bugs came from. All of them! It's your shadow. It's your Heartless, Sora and Ryan!

Sora & Ryan: My Heartless!?

Cody: You once turned into a Heartless, though you may not remember. It was recorded into the journal along with everything else, then it vanished. Your memories disappeared too, but you managed to get those back. For some reason, though, the pages of the journal---they stayed blank. 

Ryan: And you think our Heartless is responsible for that?

Riku: It makes sense. Everything in Jiminy and Spikewave's journal revolved around one person, and that person is you, Sora, Ruan. Without you, there never would have been any entries. This whole time you've been evolving in the datascape, finding new strength, your Heartless has been absorbing data and doing the same. It's grown, Sora and Ryan. Just like you have.

Sora: But Diku, we put all the data back! That must've at least weakened it, right? We can still stop it, can't we?

Cody: No... We should have realized all of this sooner. Normally, defeating a Heartless causes its heart to be released. Then the heart's returned to the person who lost it. But when you defeat Heartless here in the datascape---that wouldn't set any real hearts free. Remember, Sora and Ryan, hearts can't be turned to data. Instead, we think what you released are probably the Heartless's minds.

Sora: We did all that? But then where did the minds end up? Where could they have gone?

Riku: They're right in front of you! Your Heartless has been gathering, then devouring the dark intentions of all the fallen Heartless. That's where it gets its power. From dark data! And now, just like you, it's become something greater, something much more powerful.

Sora: If something this powerful got into Mickey's world... Oh no! We have to protect them. We'll use the strength they've given me!

(Sora battles his Heartless and emerges victorious. The Darkside's body begins to shine brightly, streams of data swirling around it)

Sora: Is it over?

(The light grows stronger until the entire room is consumed by it)

?????: Rage... Hatred... Glitches to feed my darkness... And soon, hearts to sate my hunger!

(The light subsides and the Darkside has vanished. A data cloud appears and leaves behind a Heartless whose appearance is identical to Sora and Ryan's, save for its dark figure and yellow eyes)

Sora: Wait! How is this possible? It's changing...

Ryan: Even another one.

(The Sora and Ryan Heartless lifts its dark Keyblade and readies for battle)

Sora: No, it's evolving!

(The Heartless attacks and clashes Keyblades with Sora and Ryan, who pushes their enemy away. The four combatants spar until Sora and Ryan lands a hit, causing the Heartless to disintegrate into data. Sora and Ryan turns to see the Darkside hanging off the edge of the platform on which he's standing, radiating data as it does so. They rushes in to strike the head, but is repelled as they takes contact. The Keyblade glows and disappears before Sora and Ryan's eyes, much to his surprise. Fatigued, they slumps to the ground. The Darkside grows in size and stands upright. It proceeds to charge its fist and deliver a punch, the data lining its body glowing white)

Mickey: Don't give up, Sora and Ryan!

(Mickey and Optimus appears in front of Sora and Ryan, Keyblade in hand)

Sora: Mickey! Optimus! How---?

Optimus: Anything to help a friend. Don't ya remember what I said? We always help friends. Even when the darkness closes in on ya, all you have to do is look inside. And that's where you'll find your light!

(They raises their Keyblade and gathers energy at the tip)

Mickey: Come on, Sora and Ryan! It's time to do this!

(Sora and Ryan stands and summons their Keyblade. Mickey shoots a beam of light at Sora and Ryan's Heartless, freezing it in place. A Shadow Heartless appears in front of it and Sora and Ryan moves in for the killing blow. Both of them meet each other in midair to attack, Sora and Ryan's strike prevailing. The Darkside disappears and Sora, Ryan, Optimus and Mickey exchange victorious glances. They both reappear in the Grand Hall. Sora and Ryan is astounded to find Riku standing with...)

Sora: Pete! Maleficent! You're here! You're all right!

Ryan: Even you, Swiper and Kaos!

Riku: We found them caught inside a rift in the data.

Maleficent: Hmph! We were just fine. You will hear no words of thanks from me, child.

Pete: Sayonaree to the one, two, three of ya! I'm out. See you chumps on the other side!

Cody: Well, think we'll keep an eye on them on their way out.

Pete: By the way, don't think we're lettin' ya off the hook!

Swiper: Knock it off, Pete.

(Riku and Codu leaves with Pete, Swiper, Kaos and Maleficent)

Mickey: Pretty soon, the data will go back to its original form. The way it was before all of those bugs showed up.

Sora: It's time to say good-bye. Huh? What gives? Is it a glitch? There's some kind of lump in my throat.

Optimus: It's not a glitch. That's just...what good-bye feels like. When we met in the datascape, it brought back a whole bunch of memories. The day we set out on my first big adventure. The day we made a new friend, a special friend. They all came rushing back to me. We knew, that the journal... It's not just a diary. It's a collection---a collection of all we felt. The journal shows what's in our hearts. I promise. We'll tell the other Sora, Ryan, Cody and Riku about what happened here. That way, this journey that we just had will be one everyone shares. The memories will always connect us; they'll be our own special bond. Remember, we're friends forever, Sora and Ryan.

Sora: Yup! Friends forever, Your Majesty.

(Elsewhere, Maleficent, Swiper, Kaos and Pete are walking through the void-like, multicolored path known as Betwixt and Between on their way back to their own world when Maleficent stops to speak)

Maleficent: It's finally clear.

Pete: What's that?

Kaos: Why that world they called the "date escape" seemed so familiar.

Pete: Huh?

Maleficent: A book...known as the ancient Book of Prophecies. It's said to be capable of transcribing events that have yet to take place.

Swiper: No kidding! If we got our mitts on somethin' like that, we could finally take over permanent-like!

Maleficent: Yes, considering legend has it the book can also conjure, making an entire world filled with beings and powers that have yet to exist.

Pete: Really!? A book that can just make up a world? I don't know. That sounds like nothin' more than fluffy, pink, kids' fairy tale stuff. It just sounds too good to be true.

Maleficent: Ah, but who's to say a fairy tale's not true? And I ask you, how does that differ from this world they call the "date escape"?

Pete: Hmm?

Kas: Don't you think it might just be worth our while to search for a connection? Perhaps there's a link of some sort between that so-called journal of theirs and the Book of Prophecies.

Pete: I'd say with that we are onto somethin' huge, eh, Kaos?

Maleficent: Ours is not a lost cause. First, we must take possession of this "data" of theirs.

(Pete laughs as they both continue down the path. In a void bathed in light, Mickey and Optimus holds out a hand and chuckles, smiling. Sora and Ryan sighs before nodding. They smiles and kneels down to take Mickey and Optimus's hand. Mickey and Optimus turns and enters the gateway behind him. Sora and Ryan conjures their Keyblade and shoots a beam of light toward the gateway, sealing the datascape. In the real Disney Castle, Donald and Goofy rush over to where Mickey and Optimus reappears, chatting excitedly while Chip and Dale jump about on the desk. They all look up at the computer monitor and smile, seeing an avatar of Sora and Ryan and the words "Thanks, guys!")

Everyone remains lost in thought for a few moments)

Goofy: Hey, ya know, we never did figure out that mysterious message.

Donald: Ohh... Wak!

(The screen on the computer flashes and Riku and Cody appears on it from different angles)

Riku: Guys, big news. A new world has shown up inside the journal.

Goofy: What do you mean?

Cody: We've found another door leading to extra data. Somebody must have added it once all the other data was restored.

Mickey: And if we explore that world...

(Riku and Cody nods and the original journal message appears on the screen)

Riku: Then we should get some answers about this message.

Mickey: Great! Let's ask Sora and Ryan to---

Donald: Ah.

(Mickey looks over at Donald, who covers his mouth)

Sci-Ryan: When we fixed the data, everything in the journal went back to the way it started, remember?

Donald: Aww...

Jiminy: Which means that Sora and Ryan's journey through the datascape---it never happened to them. Why, now they're just the same boys they were before they ever met any of us.

Cody: We're fine. Our partition isn't affected. But Sora and Ryan---we can't send them out there when they doesn't know what's going on.

(Donald and Goofy sigh, Mickey and Optimus following)

Mickey: Wait. Hey, Riku, Cody. Could you help me and Optimus get back into the datascape one more time?

(In a dark alley in a small town, Sora awakes to a dog licking his face. Sora opens his eyes and looks around slowly, but tries to fall asleep again. The dog pounces on him and he shouts, now alert. The dog looks at him as he stands, but soon runs away)

Sora: Hey!

(He runs out of the alley and notices the unfamiliar surroundings)

Sora: Huh?

(He stops, seeing King Mickey, Ryan, Optimus with their Keyblade out)

Mickey: Sora, this was the day that your journey began. I know, because me and Optimus were here, too.

(He turns to look at Sora)

Mickey: It's time for the truth.

Sora: Where am I? How'd I end up in THIS place? And...who are you?

Ryan: I'm Ryah. Optimus take me to see you.

Mickey: I'm Mickey. I've come here from another kind of world.

Sora: Another kind of world?

Mickey: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." It's a message. And you're the only one with the power to solve the mystery behind it. So we really need your help.

Sora: Power? What's that?

(The Keyblade flashes into his hand)

Sora: Whoa! What's THAT?

Ryan: You have one just like me.

Mickey: You may not remember, but it's clear you still hold the power inside you. Think you'd be willing to lend us a hand? You might help us figure out the truth.

Sora: Gosh, I don't have a clue what's going on. I don't, but at the same time...what you're saying feels kind of familiar. So this truth you're talking about, do you think it involves me somehow?

Mickey: Actually, I'm not exactly positive. However, I get the sense it's something important you need to know.

Sora: If it's information that I'm supposed to know then, well... (chuckles) Okay, Mickey. I'll help.

Ryan: Me too!

Mickey: Thank you! Let's go. Just follow my lead.

(Mickey points his Keyblade and fires a beam of light, causing a Keyhole to appear. Sora and Ryan does the same and a beam of light strikes the Keyhole and the world flashes. Sora and Ryan finds themselves in a white room)

Sora: Whoa... So you think the truth's hiding somewhere in here?

Ryan: I don't know.

(They looks around and discovers Mickey and Optimus missing)

Sora: Hey, Mickey, Optimus? Guess they went ahead.

(Sora and Ryan takes a few steps forward and a cloaked figure appears in front of them)

Sora: Who are you?

?????: Us? We're nobody. In this place, to find is to lose, and to lose is to find. That's the way of things, here in Castle Oblivion.

Sora: Castle Oblivion?

????? (walking over to Sora and Ryan): That's right. Here, you will meet people you know. People that you care about.

(The figure takes out a card engraved with a picture of the Destiny Islands and Canterlot High and holds it out to Sora and Ryan)

Sora: Huh? (taking it) It's a...kind of card. With a picture on it.

?????: Use that card and press on. You will find the truth that sleeps up ahead.

(He disappears)

Sora: Wha---? Wait!

(Sora and Ryan sighs and looks at the card)

Ryan: But how are we supposed to use this? They could've told us that much. And why does they seem so...familiar?

Ryan: Don't know.

(They walks to the door at the end of the hall and holds up the card. It releases a burst of light and the room dims)

Sora: Oh!

(Mist enters the room and a light flashes. Sora and Ryan is transported to a room with walls that have pictures of the Destiny Islands and Canterlot High on them)

Sora (looking around): What just happened to us?

(The figure reappears)

?????: That card's special. It will cause you to see people. Well, "illusions" to be exact. They're from Jiminy and Spikewave's journal. It's all of the very same data that you and Ryan worked so hard to fix.

Sora: Jiminy? Spikewace? What did we fix? I don't get it.

?????: His mistake. Someone must have pressed the reset button on your memory. All you remember is leaving the island and the school. Just the same, you'll remember the folks you meet here. At least, you should.

Ryan: I don't understand. What is it that we supposed to do?

?????: Whatever you want.

Sora: Huh?

?????: There's no script to follow. The journal's the closest thing you've got, but that doesn't mean you'll see the things it says. And who really cares? Everything that happens here, and everyone you meet is just an illusion.

Sora: So then...we can do whatever we want to do?

?????: Yes.

(He disappears)

Sora: Hey, come back! ... They're gone. ...Huh?

(Sora turns and sees his friends from the island, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie, even Ryan see Tino and his friends nearby. They converses with them until they each vanish in turn. Another flash occurs, and Sora is greeted by a cloaked figure)

????: Well, you did it again, Sora.

Sora: Wait a sec... Riku? Why are you here?

Ryan: And you, Cody?

Riku: We've got something that you need to see. It'll help you.

Sora: Yeah? What is it?

Cody: A hidden truth that's nowhere to be found, even in the deepest corners of your memories. It's something I want you to see. And, something I want you to feel.

Sora: I know you wouldn't ask if it wasn't really important. We'll do it!

Riku: Thank you, Sora and Ryan. Now, close your eyes. 

(He does so. Amid static, the scene shifts to a night sky at the top of a clock tower. Riku stands, gazing at the full moon over the city. He reaches a hand out and pretends to grab the moon. He stares for a bit, wind blowing through his hair. He bows his head, putting his hand over his chest. He turns around to stare at the body of a girl with blank eyes who sits, unmoving same as Cody)

Sora: Wasn't that...Riku? And Kairi? That's right. I was on a journey to find you guys.

Ryan: Even me, I was on a journey to find you guys

Riku: Darkness had taken a hold of me and Cody's heart, and Kairi and Meg had lost their completely. But at the end of your journey, you would have saved us, Sora and Ryan. Think about it. What did Kairi, Meg, Cody and I have in common? When you watched, what did you feel?

Sora: Something you have in common...

Cody: It was "hurt." We had both lost ourselves, and we were hurting in a way we'd never hurt before. There's no greater pain in the world... I ask you, Sora and Ryan: What would you have done?

Sora: We would've helped you, of course. Four of you! I'd've figured out how to undo the hurt.

Cody: I thought you'd say that. And you're right, you would. Or should I say, you will.

Sora: That's a relief. Hey, then what was with the sneak preview?

Cody: We just wanted you to see. You always make the right choices. On the road ahead, more than one truth will come to light. You'll forget things, lose things that you care about, and it won't always make sense. It'll be frustrating, and it'll make you angry. It may even hurt so badly you'll feel like you're about to lose yourself. But don't worry, Sora and Ryan. That won't happen to you. You won't let it. You're like a sponge. No matter how much pain they throw at you, you'll suck it up, and leave things a little bit better. Just follow your heart, and you can change the lives of not one, but many. You don't have to do anything special. Just do what you do---be yourself. After all, that's what you're good at. Do what feels right to you.

Sora: You got it.

Riku: Take care, Sora. You too, Cody.

(Riku and Cody disappears)

Sora: Wha---? Weird, no one's here.

(Sora and Ryan returns to the white hall)

?????: Well, Sora and Ryan? How was it? Did you have fun chatting and hanging with the ghosts?

Sora: You shouldn't call them "ghosts." Sure, something was a little off, but I'm certain those three are still my friends.

?????: Friends? You don't say? So then what were their names again? Tell me.

Sora: Oh, I don't even have to think--- (gasps) What...? Why can't I... remember? I know them!

Ryan: Me too! But why don't I remember!?

?????: Like he said, everything in this castle is just an illusion. And once the illusions vanish, you'll forget all about your little reunion.

Sora: We'll forget!?

?????: Hey, no big deal. The fact that you can't remember them just means they weren't very important to you to begin with. Isn't that right?

Sora: That's not true! Of course our friends are always important to us! Okay, maybe we forgot...what just happened, and who we met inside that room. Trust me, I know we'll remember everything again!

?????: Hmph. Sure.

(The figure hands Sora five additional cards and the other person give him a three cards)

Sora: More cards?

?????: All of these cards were created from the data in the journal. And all of them will show you more illusions. But from now on, the illusions won't be of your friends. You're fresh off the island and school, which makes everyone you meet total strangers. Here's a fun little thought. The folks you're about to see? You can fight them all you like.

Sora: Huh?

?????: What do you care? They're only strangers. Actually, illusions of strangers. Just a collection of empty bits of data. They won't be able to make the distinction between what's real and what's not. They'll look at the white walls of this castle, and what they'll see are the worlds they call home. Anyway, the truth would be wasted on them, so why bother? They're only there until they're not. Do you see where I'm going with this? Nothing's real. You can break the little hearts they don't have, and then forget about it. No hurt feelings, no baggage. It's that simple. You don't have a heart. It's 100 percent guilt-free.

(A deep in thought Sora and Ryan lifts their head to respond)

Ryan: That's what YOU think.

?????: What?

Sora: It's obvious you know nothing at all. Everything you say is a lie. We might have the strength to hurt someone, but what exactly would be the point? I know...that it would tear me up inside. That ache...would stay with us for a long time. You might not know it now, but I hope you'll see, that nothing is guilt-free in this world.

?????: You've arrived at the first question.

Sora: Huh? 

(The figure disappears)

Sora: What's with those guys? So with these cards, we're gonna run into people from the past. We have no idea who, but it'll be fun!

Ryan: Yeah!

(Sora and Ryan uses one of their cards to enter the Castle Oblivion equivalent of Traverse Town, where they meets up with Cid, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They chats with them before they all vanish. Afterwards, theu returns to the white hall)

Sora: That guy wasn't kidding around. I really can't remember who it was I met just now. Or can I?

Ryan: Yeah.

(Sora and Ryan ponders for a moment)

Sora: We give up. I don't remember. That's weird. We don't know what this is. Wait, is this...what heartache feels like? Just thinking about them...causes pain inside. Hold on. If we really forgot about all those friends completely, that would mean we shouldn't be missing anyone. That makes sense. So we haven't forgotten all of it then! There's got to be more we still don't know. We just need to find something to trigger our memory! Nice! Here goes!

Ryan: Let's go!

(Sora and Ryan enters Wonderland and runs into Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Card Soldiers, and the Cheshire Cat. He talks to them and goes back to the white hall after they disappear. They talk to Laval and his friends in Chima. The figure greets him there)

?????: So Sora, Ryan, how was your time with---who was it again?

Sora: we can't remember anything at all. But you already knew that, didn't you?

?????: You seem pretty calm. Guess you decided they weren't worth stressing over. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Sora: That's wrong.

?????: What?

Sora: It's like you said; everyone we met we can't remember. But still, we're frustrated that we've forgotten them. We feel moments of loneliness. You said there would be no hurt feelings, but we AM hurting. When the memories are gone, they just leave a hole. And having that longing inside me hurts. But it'll help me, somewhere down the road. It's the key we'll need to unlock all my memories.

?????: ...Right on schedule.

(The figure disappears. Sora and Ryan enters Olympus Coliseum and converses with Hercules, Phil, Hades, and Cloud. After that, they are talking to Emmet and his friends. They disappear, and Sora and Ryan returns to the white hall)

?????: The sadness of knowing you forgot someone who matters to you, something like that'll gnaw at you forever. But you believe that somehow by carrying around that kind of hurt, you'll be able to retrieve the memories you lost. That's what you're thinking, right, Sora and Ryan?

Sora & Ryan: Right.

(The figure laughs)

Ryan: What?

Sora: What's so funny?

?????: We can't believe you fell for it so easily.

Sora: Huh?

?????: I told you when you arrived. Remember, in this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. Well, you've lost your memories and the only thing you found in hurt. And by deciding that hurt was the key to remembering, you gave up all hope of ever being free from it! The hurt owns you now, Sora and Ryan. Don't you see that? It's a wound that will never mend. That hole in your heart will grow bigger, until darkness finally claims it!

Sora: The darkness... Was this all just a big trick to pull us in?

?????: Afraid so. And all it took was a handful of illusions. Your heart was just way too easy to break, Sora and Ryan.

Ryan: Not true!

(The figure disappears and Sora and Ryan enters Agrabah. He talks with Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie and they are in Danville talking to Phineas, Ferb and their friends until they disappear and then goes back to the white hall)

?????: It's not too late to run.

Sora: Huh?

(Silhouetted under his hood, the figure's face is partially visible. It is that of a boy with blond hair and blue eyes)

?????: Why should you keep the hurt inside? Just tell yourself you need to forget about the people you met in this place. You'll have no one to miss. No cause for loneliness. No hurt to keep eating away at your heart.

(Sora and Ryan sighs and holds his hand over his heart with uncertainty)

?????: Sora, Ryan, it's your call. Cling to the memories you've lost, and the hurt they bring, till you're dragged into the darkness. Otherwise, let it all go and then you can be free and happy. The completely yours.

(The figure disappears)

Sora: Wait!

(Sora and Ryan tries to go after them but to no avail. They pauses for a moment and takes out their last card. It depicts Hollow Bastion. Sora sighs)

Sora: Should we use this? But if we were to do that, then we'd meet a friend, and forget right away. We don't know if we want that. It's just going to bring more hurt. And if he's right, the darkness will eventually...take over our completely.

(He holds his head down and sighs once more)

Ruan: But I don't see any other way out of here. Guess this card is our only option. That is unless, we let go of the hurt. Once we go out of this room, we'll forget all about what happened and everyone we just met. Instead of carrying that hurt around until it consumes us, maybe we should let it go. What's inside our heart? What are wemsupposed to do? (sighs) we feel so lost.

Mickey: Hey, Sora! Ryan! Can you hear me? Sora? Ryan?

(An orb of light emanating sparkles appears in the room)

Sora: Huh? I know that voice! Mickey, is that you? Where are you?

Optimus: Sorry, Sora. We're still trying to find a way to get to you. Right now, the best we can do is to send our voice to where you are.

Sora: It's okay. Hey, Mickey? Maybe you can help us with something. We keep forgetting people we meet in this place. And this guy says if we dwell on what we've lost, the hurt is going to take over us. And we don't want that.

Mickey: we understand. Question is, are ya okay with letting go of the folks that you've forgotten?

(Sora sees an image of Donald and Goofy and Ryan see the Illusion of Sci-Ryan and Crash)

Sora: Huh? Who are they?

Mickey: Well, even though you may not remember them...they definitely remember you. You'll always be a really close friend to them, no matter what happens.

Donald: Yeah! We've been on adventures, and I'll never forget you!

Goofy: And even if you don't ever really know who we are, I hope you'll remember that you'll always be special to us.

Sora: How can that be?

Optimus: Why don't you ask your heart? What are you feeling right now, Sora? Ryan?

Sora: I don't know...what this is. Who are these four? We don't think that we've ever met. But I feel like...I know them.

Ryan: Me too.

Mickey: Memories can disappear, but feelings don't...not even when your data was reset. Inside your heart, the adventures you shared with the friends you made in the datascape will always live on. And ya know what? I'll bet that's also true for all the time you spent with the folks that those cards showed to you.

Sora: So it's not what's missing that's causing the hurt. It's actually what's NOT missing. If that's true---

(The image of Donald and Goofy, Sci-Ryan and Crash fades)

Sora: Hey!

Mickey: Uh oh! Looks like we've used up too much power. We'll be there soon, Sora and Ryan. We promise. Just try and hold on a little bit longer for me, okay?

(The orb dissipates)

Sora: Mickey! Optimus! (sighs) We're all alone again. I hate feeling like this. Oh! I wonder... Does this count as hurt? If we let it, will this pull me into the darkness? (clenching his fist) we can do this. There's no going back. Just one more card.

Ryan: Let's go!

(Sora and Ryan enters Hollow Bastion. They tenses up as they encounters Pete, Kaos, Swiper and Maleficent. After another conversation, the villains disappear and Sora and Ryan returns to the white hall)

?????: You've used up all the cards, I take it? I would ask if you enjoyed your little trip...but we both know that you've forgotten it. Bet you're feeling pretty empty.

Sora: No, We're not. We may not remember who we met, but we do remember that we met them. And knowing that we've forgotten them... we miss them.

?????: So you hurt. I warned you. Don't you remember what he said? That hurt will drag you down into the darkness. You have to get rid of all of it.

Ryan: No, we don't. We can keep the hurt because it reminds us of something important. It lets us know that what we've forgotten is crucial. That's enough. We won't run from it.

(The figure's face begets an angry expression)

Sora: It'll stay inside of our heart, until the day we remember.

?????: The darkness will take you first.

Sora: If we put the hurt aside, we'll lose pur ties to all the people we care about. Our mind's made up. (walking down the stairs) we may end up falling into the darkness, but we'll carry this with us. We'll only get rid of it when we remember everything, and not a day sooner than that. We'll keep the hurt with me for the time being. It's all that we have. It's what holds the pieces in place. We accept that.

(Sora and Ryan walks behind the figure)

?????: You say you accept it? It's not a game!

(From under their feet, the room transforms into a single white platform with four pillars surrounded by a purple void, flower petals scattering through the air. Sora gasps. The figure conjures a white Keyblade in his left hand and a black Keyblade in his right and holds the black one's tip next to Sora and Ryan's head)

?????: It's way past time that you learned what real hurt feels like!

(The figure attacks Sora and Ryan, who manages to dodge the strikes. He draws his Keyblade and the two combatants clash. They are sent back to the white hall after an arduous battle and catch their breaths)

?????: Come on, Sora and Ryan. Do it. Finish us off!

(Sora and Ryan sighs and backs down)

?????: Why won't you do it? (realizing something) ...I get it. You've seen through our disguise. (smiling) I'm just like everyone else you've encountered in this place---made of data.

(He stands and points his white Keyblade at Sora and Ryan)

?????: We're not even worth the effort, is that what it is? Guess there's no point in destroying something if it never existed. Is that right?

Sora: Not at all. You say that you're an illusion, but you certainly pack a really big punch. You said that you'd show me hurt, and you weren't wrong.

(The figure is speechless)

Ryan: Actually, the hurt that I just felt...was more than that.

(Sora and Ryan approaches the figure, who raises his weapons)

Sora: Sure, it might have hurt while we were fighting, but we sensed a different kind of hurt from you. It was kind of intense, sharp pain. But it... felt sort of familiar, almost like it was my own. As if we'd been connected, like right then we shared the same hurt. If somehow, it brings me closer to people in that kind of way... (chuckles) then carrying around a little hurt can't be all that bad.

(The figure smiles and sighs in defeat. He gets rid of his Keyblades)

?????: "Can't be all that bad"? All right, we give up.

(They produces a final card and tosses it to Sora and Ryan)

?????: Here. You pass, Sora and Ryan. Congratulations, you understand hurt. Now, use this to find the truth.

(The card's image is of Castle Oblivion)

Sora: What do you mean?

????: Our role was to see if you were ready to take ownership of the hurt inside you. And now that role is done. Nothing left for us to do, but...go away.

Sora: Are you gonna go back home?

?????: I don't know if we really have one. But...there's a placewe''d like to be.

Sora: A place? Uh...where?

(The figure, smiling, moves forward and merges with Sora and Ryan, startling them)

Sora: What's...this feeling? I've got memories that don't belong to me. A place to call home. And a sunset, that's comforting. My first and my last...

Ryan: Same as me. My first and last.

(A light flashes)

Roxas & Ranxy: Summer vacation.

(Sora and Ryan looks at the card)

Sora: You can rest easy. We've got you now.

(He walks over to the door and holds up the card)

Mickey: Sora!

Optimus: Ryan!

(Mickey and Optimus arrives and runs over to Sora and Ryan)

Sora: Mickey!

Ryan: Optimus!

Mickey: We're nso glad we finally caught up to ya! Sorry that it took us so long. We know you ended up having to do all the work on your own. We just couldn't get here sooner.

Sora: It's okay. You're here now. (showing him the card) Look! If we use this card, it'll lead us to the truth.

Optimus: Is that right? The message said, "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." Maybe now we can finally solve it.

(They both look towards the door)

Ryan: Let's find out!

(Sora holds up the card, causing it to glow and the room to dim. The door opens and lets in more mist.)

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