Perry and the others are looking at the Wayfinders and then someone blast it and it's Doofenshmirtz

Doofensmirtz: I never knew you made that. And you didn't run away from me with your friends. You can forget everything about that thing in your heads. So I know what you really are. You're nothing but a weak animal who cannot save the world from me.

They look angry


Kumamon and his firneds found the Unversed at the Core

Bearmon: We found you.

And then Perry and the others appeared

Kotemon: What are you doing here?

Bearmon: It's not safe!

They look angry

Kumamon: You know what, never mind. Lets fight.

They are fighting it and they'd defeated it, and then Perry keep swing his arm in rage

Kumamon: Hey! Calm down!

He hit Kumamon by accident, And then Perry and his firneds is calm down

Kotemon: What's wrong with you guys?

They show them the Star Gem looks broken

Bearmon: Oh. You're Wayfinder is broken. Well, that's okay. Friendship's more than an object.

They look happy

Kotemon: No matter what happen, you always have it inside your hearts.

Then Doofenshmirtz has appeared

Doofensmirtz: I found you! It looks like you guys team up to destroy this place.

Kumamon: We stop that Monster! So you appreciate it!

Bearmon: And we are friends!

Doofensmirtz: Oh, really? Well, it's time for me to captured you, once and for all!

Then Perry knocked him out, They are escaping the Robots, and they use their Vehicles

Kumamon: Where are we going?

They have no clue?

Pinky is setting the Hyperdrive

Computer: Hyperdrive has been activated. System charging. Warning. Guidance is not functional. Navigation failure. Do not engage Hyperdrive. Repeat. Do not engaged.

Then Perry and his friends are warning them

Kumamon: Is something wrong?

Then their vehicles went into Hyperdrive and send Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon to the vortex And they are drifting away

All: (Scream)

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