Ryan look so angry after Lord Vortech take over his body and send Brian and Stewie to the Realm of Darkness

Ryan: Grr. I'm going to kill him!

Sunset: Ryan, please calm down. You gonna hurt yourself.

Peter: She's right. Calm down and take a drop breath.

Ryan: (Angry) So what?! He got Brian and Stewie gone! I'm gonna get him for what he done to them!

He calm down

Ryan: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you.

Lois: It's okay, we know how you feel, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah.. I hope I can handle the darkness in me.

Chris: Our friends will help. Together.

They went off to stop the Villains and Lord Vortech

Ryan: Vortech!!!! I'm gonna get you!!!

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! Take it easy, Ryan.

They found the Villains

Liquidator: Water?

Ryan: No time for you Water Sales, Liquidator!

Quackerjack: Wanna

Sci-Ryan: As if!

Bushroot: Ryan. Embrace the darkness.

Megavolt: And why are you doing this for?

Ryan: I'm going to Avenge for Brian and Stewie!

They fight them and they defeated them very quick

Ryan: Look like we defeated them very quick.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Let's go get Vortech.

They head off to find Lord Vortech

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