Here is how Saved by the Maximals and The latest discovery of Equestria goes in Yuna, Stewie and Brian.

Then, There was a huge bust on the opening.

Tigatron: Need a helping hand, Princess?

Airazor: And I see Brian and Stewie were with you too.

Princess Yuna: Tigatron! Airazor!

Stewie Griffin: We're Saved!

Brian Griffin: Are we ever glad to see you two.

Princess Yuna: Let's get out of here.

Back in the castle.

Rita's Brother #1: What's taking so long?

Rita's Sister: I'm so board!

Hugo: (looked at his watch)

Rita the Fox: (pacing herself)

Hiro: Here they come now!

Moon Starlight: This is so exciting!

Princess Luna: It's a big day for our daughter.

Prince Isamu: (happily laughing)

King Solar Flare: My own granddaughter has made a remarkable discovery.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Guys. Are you two ready?

Stewie Griffin: Ready.

Brian Griffin: Here it goes.

Sylveon: I'm so happy for Brian.

Princess Cornelia: Congratulation to the two of you!

Duchess Petunia: You have found the latest discovery in all of Equestria!

Queen Georgina: (as she and the other three brought out the key to Hogwarts Castle) We here by award you two the Key to Hogwarts.

Empress Samantha: Our doors will forever and always be opened to you and your friends.

Princess Yuna: I couldn't have done it without Brian and Stewie.

                                                                                          The End

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