This is how Tino, Jeremie, and the others saves Aelita and fights off XANA's monsters in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

[The crate lands on the ground and Tino and Jeremie tumble behind it]

Jeremie: [hits the side of crate when he stops tumbling] Ah!

[the rest of the airship falls]

Tino: Oh great!

[They push the crate and the airships hits the ground. And the everyone sees the others]

Vinnie: The kids of Kadic Academy! They know the secret!

Buttercup: Hey, I have nothing to do with this.

Ronald McDonald: This isn't a good place not to be.

Jeremie: No, we have to get her back or the students of Kadic Academy stops us.

May: If we don't get of here, we'll die!

Tino: It's the only why to reverse this! Just do it!

[they then hook the crate onto one of the Lyoko ships, and they take off, but the hook on the ship breaks off]

Tino and Jeremie: [goes back]

Thomas: Tino! No!

[Tino and Jeremie wraps the chain around the crate and ties it up]

Tino: Go!

[They took off]

[The student tries to grab Tino, but she missed]

Tino: Gah!!

Jeremie: Whoa!

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