Here's how saving Cardigan and discovering the truth goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.

[Soon we come to a old barnyard and Farley has Cardigan there]

Farley: Lamb chops. Always tender.

Cardigan: Stay away! Leave me alone!

Farley: Oh, really? Now what kind of host would that make me to ignore my guest? Let me show you my, how should I put this. "Host betality." [he prepares to eat Cardigan]

Cardigan: 1, 2, ka-pow! [bucks him] Pig power! [goes through a hole. but Farley chases him and grabs him] No! [gets pulled down]

[Back at the Hirsh farm, Homer Zuckerman, and other farmers arrive]

Farmer Hirsch: Let's get him boys!

[They set off and a dog smells something]

Farmer Hirsch: Pig tracks, no doubt about it.

John Arable: Got your new lamb, huh?

Farmer Hirsch: And a hen yesterday, even my cow's gone missin'. Okay boys [releases their collars] He's all yours!

[The dogs run forward and the farmers follow them]

[Meanwhile Wilbur finds the hideout]

Wilbur: I think we're close. He's around here somewhere. Oh, yeah, closer close, yes! Here he is I think he's.. end of the line!

Templeton: Dah, okay, I am going in after him. He's gonna answer to me. [waves his fist around] And lay him out, told!

Joy: You're just gonna waltz into his den, and lay out a hungry fox with sharp teeth?

Templeton: No, Wilbur is.

Wilbur: I'm too big. I'd never fit. How am I suppose to fit down there?

Bessie: Well here's the answer to that one. You can't! Ain't gonna happen.

Wilbur: [groans] There's gotta be a way. If Charlotte we're here, she'll be looking down from her web and telling me, "Think, Wilbur, think!" [starts thinking] Charlotte's web. Yeah!

[distant howl]

Aranea: Did you hear that?

Bessie: Who didn't. Old operators going to the dogs.

Wilbur: They're coming after me.

Fender: Coming after you? Well, that's fine. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!

Joy: Die a horrible death.

Fender: [cries] Oh, how could this happen to me?! I'm practically a kid!

Rainbow: [slaps him] Pull yourself together, Fender!

Steamy: This ain't the time ta panic. We gotta save Cardigan fore that dadgum fox gits' him!

Fender: Your right! We can't let the kid be eaten! Let's do it! [his arms come off] oh, dear.

Rodney: I'll get them.

Fender: Oh, look at that. Oh! Now there arm wrestling.

[Fender's arms are arm wrestling]

Fender: Could you separate them? Hurry, my backside itches. [tries to itch the spot]

Willy: [groans as he face-fins]

[The farmers and dogs are still in pursuit. Meanwhile, Fern is still looking for Wilbur]

Fern: Wilbur! [then she stops at a farm. Does a whistle] The Hirsch Farm? Wait a minute, that's we're Cardigan is. I wonder. [goes to heck it out]

[Back with Farley]

Farley: That's it. Just relax. This won't hurt a bit. [prepares to kill him when suddenly the lair shakes] What on Earth?

Bessie: [is kicking the shelter door]

Steamy: Come on, out ya' coward! [fires both shots of his shotgun in the air]

Wilbur: Bessie, we're ready.

Bessie: Oh, just when I got a good beat goin'! [does another buck she runs off and Farley comes out]

Farley: What's going on out here?

[Then Templeton throws an acorn at him]

Fender: Hey foxy! You can't catch us! [waves his booty when it falls off] Woops!

Farley: Hello? A little apnitizer. Hmm, must be my lucky day. [starts chasing Templeton and Fender]

[Tempelton and Fender drive Farley to an old truck and the door slams on Farley's face, but he goes through the window and chases them]

Wilbur: Go, go, go, Bessie!

Bessie: This isn't a pain to my milk protection!

[Farley continues chasing Templeton and Fender]

Aranea: Here they come!

Nellie: Get movin'!

[The chase continues when Wilbur and Bessie pull 2 vines they set up a trap and Farley gets caught in it]

Farley: What?! Impossible! [tries to get free]

Nellie: It's not bad for a pig web.

Aranea: It's better than mine.

Joy: Well that's not saying much.

Wilbur: Charlotte's cousin caught a fish in her web. So I thought, hey why not catch a fox in our web?

Templeton: [catching his breath] This close.. I can... I can feel him breathing down my neck. I think I lost a chunk of my tail. I was good, wasn't I?

Bessie: It was a beautiful thing.

Fender: Are you kidding? What kind of fox would eat a robot?

Steamy: [points his shotgun at Farley] Ya' ain't goin' nowhere now.

Applejack: Steamy, don't kill him! We need him alive ta' prove Wilbur's innocent!

Steamy: Ah' ain't gonna kill him, I'm just makin' sure he don't do any funny business.

Shai-Shay: Speaking of which, where's Cardigan?

Wilbur: Cardigan!

Steamy: Some of you go help Wilbur! Ah'll keep ol' Foxy at bay!

[Wilbur and a few of our heroes run back to the shelter]

Wilbur: Cardigan! Cardigan are you okay?! [throws the wood]

Cardigan: I knew you'd come, Wilbur!