Here's how saving Cardigan and discovering the truth goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.

[Soon we come to a old barnyard and Farley has Cardigan there]

Farley: Lamb chops. Always tender.

Cardigan: Stay away! Leave me alone!

Farley: Oh, really? Now what kind of host would that make me to ignore my guest? Let me show you my, how should I put this. "Host betality." [he prepares to eat Cardigan]

Cardigan: 1, 2, ka-pow! [bucks him] Pig power! [goes through a hole. but Farley chases him and grabs him] No! [gets pulled down]

[Back at the Hirsh farm, Homer Zuckerman, and other farmers arrive]

Farmer Hirsch: Let's get him boys!

[They set off and a dog smells something]

Farmer Hirsch: Pig tracks, no doubt about it.

John Arable: Got your new lamb, huh?

Farmer Hirsch: And a hen yesterday, even my cow's gone missin'. Okay boys [releases their collars] He's all yours!

[The dogs run forward and the farmers follow them]

[Meanwhile Wilbur finds the hideout]

Wilbur: I think we're close. He's around here somewhere. Oh, yeah, closer close, yes! Here he is I think he's.. end of the line!

Templeton: Dah, okay, I am going in after him. He's gonna answer to me. [waves his fist around] And lay him out, told!

Joy: You're just gonna waltz into his den, and lay out a hungry fox with sharp teeth?

Templeton: No, Wilbur is.

Wilbur: I'm too big. I'd never fit. How am I suppose to fit down there?

Bessie: Well here's the answer to that one. You can't! Ain't gonna happen.

Wilbur: [groans] There's gotta be a way. If Charlotte we're here, she'll be looking down from her web and telling me, "Think, Wilbur, think!" [starts thinking] Charlotte's web. Yeah!

[distant howl]

Aranea: Did you hear that?

Bessie: Who didn't. Old operators going to the dogs.

Wilbur: They're coming after me.

Nellie: What are we gonna do?

Joy: Die a horrible death.

Willy: Now's not the time for sarcasm! This is the time to save Cardigan!

Dolphy: Will's right! But what shall we do?

Pete: Don't worry guys. I got something special for this fox. "6 billion people on Earth, when the infection hit. KV had a 90 percent kill rate, that's 5,4 billion people dead, crashed and bled out. Dead. Less than 1 percent immunity, left 12 million healthy people, like you, me and Ethan. The other 588 million turned into your "Dark seekers". And then they got hungry, and they killed an fed on everybody. Everybody! Every singled person that you or I has ever known, is dead"!

T.C.: [raises his left eyebrow] Did you just made that Will Smith quote from "I Am Legend"?

Pete: [chuckles quietly] You got that. You got me! [laughs] You got me on that one! I love Will Smith, bro! That movie was indeed his solid performance. Oh, and plus, plus, the alien movie, where he was fighting the aliens to save the world, with Bill Paulman and Jeff Goldblum.

Kevin (train): Oh, yeah! That's my favorite movie! "We will not go quietly into the night!"

Pete: & Kevin (train): We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

Thomas: Okay, alright! Guys enough already! Lamb in trouble. That's what we're here for, right?

Pete: Yes, go back to the thing, that got us here in the first place, [to Kevin (train)] where we met!

[Pete and Kevin (train) begin laughing]

Kevin (train): My man!

Pete: Okay, okay, okay, alright, here we go, I'm all serious this time, okay. [clears throat] Alright, all we need is a plan.

[The farmers and dogs are still in pursuit. Meanwhile, Fern is still looking for Wilbur]

Fern: Wilbur! [then she stops at a farm. Does a whistle] The Hirsch Farm? Wait a minute, that's we're Cardigan is. I wonder. [goes to heck it out]

[Back with Farley]

Farley: That's it. Just relax. This won't hurt a bit. [prepares to kill him when suddenly the lair shakes] What on Earth?

Bessie: [is kicking the shelter door]

Steamy: Come on, out ya' coward! [fires both shots of his shotgun in the air]

Wilbur: Bessie, we're ready.

Bessie: Oh, just when I got a good beat goin'! [does another buck she runs off and Farley comes out]

Farley: What's going on out here?

[Then Templeton throws an acorn at him]

Fender: Hey foxy! You can't catch us! [waves his booty when it falls off] Woops!

Farley: Hello? A little apnitizer. Hmm, must be my lucky day. [starts chasing Templeton and Fender]

[Tempelton and Fender drive Farley to an old truck and the door slams on Farley's face, but he goes through the window and chases them]

Wilbur: Go, go, go, Bessie!

Bessie: This isn't a pain to my milk protection!

[Farley continues chasing Templeton and Fender]

Aranea: Here they come!

Nellie: Get movin'!

[The chase continues when Wilbur and Bessie pull 2 vines they set up a trap and Farley gets caught in it]

Farley: What?! Impossible! [tries to get free]

Nellie: It's not bad for a pig web.

Aranea: It's better than mine.

Joy: Well that's not saying much.

Wilbur: Charlotte's cousin caught a fish in her web. So I thought, hey why not catch a fox in our web?

Templeton: [catching his breath] This close.. I can... I can feel him breathing down my neck. I think I lost a chunk of my tail. I was good, wasn't I?

Bessie: It was a beautiful thing.

Fender: Are you kidding? What kind of fox would eat a robot?

Steamy: [points his shotgun at Farley] Ya' ain't goin' nowhere now.

Applejack: Steamy, don't kill him! We need him alive ta' prove Wilbur's innocent!

Steamy: Ah' ain't gonna kill him, I'm just makin' sure he don't do any funny business.

Pete: I'll tell you what's worse than doing funny business, getting Rick-n-Rolled.

[Cutaway gag plays]

Puffer: Okay, Pete, you ready?

Pete: Yeah man.

Puffer: Okay here you go. [plays the video but leaves quickly]

[Pete smiles at first to the video, but it turns out to be Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" playing and his smile, soon turn to a annoying expression]

Pete: Dang it!

Rachel: Ha! You just got Rick-n-Rolled!

[Cuts back to film]

Shai-Shay: Speaking of which, where's Cardigan?

Wilbur: Cardigan!

Steamy: Some of you go help Wilbur! Ah'll keep ol' Foxy at bay!

[Wilbur and a few of our heroes run back to the shelter]

Wilbur: Cardigan! Cardigan are you okay?! [throws the wood]

Cardigan: I knew you'd come, Wilbur!