This is where our heroes return the king to Equinelantis and the diamond saves the whole city in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[the crate hits the bottom as the 2 alicorn tumble behind it]

Princess Luna: [hits the side of crate when she stops tumbling] Ah.

[the rest of the airship falls]

Princess Celestia: Oh, great!

[They push the crate and the airships hits the ground. Then the ground starts to crack]

Morley: The volcano! She awakens!

Mucker: Hey, I had nothing to do it.

Johnathan: This isn't a good place not to be in.

Cadance: No, we have to get grandpa back or the whole city will die! [hooks another chain onto the crate]

Rick O'Connel: And if we don't get outta here, we'll die!

Princess Luna: It's the only way to reverse this!

Skyla: Just do it!

[they then hook the crate onto one of the dragon ships, and they take off, but the hook on the ship breaks off]

Princess Celestia: [goes back]

Twilight: Princess Celestia, no!!

Princess Celestia: [grabs the chain and wraps it around the crate] [she then grabs the chain and strains to lift the crate]

Princess Luna: [flies back and grabs the chain too.]

[the crate is only 2 feet off the ground]

Cadance: I've gotta help!

Skyla: Me too!

Yuna: Likewise!

[the 3 fly back and grab the chain]

[the crate's off the ground now]

Princess Celestia: Let's go!

[They took off]

[just as the lava starts flowing outward. They come out of the cave]

[they land back in the center of the city]

Scor-Brein: Get that crate open! [grabs a side with his claws and tries to pry it open] Not strong enough! Must break open crate!

Morley: Guys! She's about to blow!

[Scor-brein pulls with all their might and then the crate bursts open]

Everyone: [gasps]

[the king (still bond to the diamond) starts to glow]

[Soon the city starts glowing]

[Then the heads under the throne glow and then fly up into the center of the city]

[the heads and the diamond float upward as the heads start rotating around the diamond]

[then a beam shoots out and hits a huge statute]

[then around the city's perimeter huge statues get up and walk to edge of the perimeter]

[They made a force field as the lava flows out, the lava then flow over the shield and dies]

[then it cracks, and each put of the basalt rock starts to break away and they all came crashing down]

[the dust clears]

Princess Luna: Tia, look! [points to the sky]

King Solar Flare: [drifts slowly down and gently lands on the ground]

[the 2 other alicorns run up to their father]

King Solar Flare: Cellie? Luny?

Princess Celestia: Yes.

King Solar Flare: [hugs them both and they return the embrace]

Princess Luna: We saved the city.

Princess Celestia: And our father.

KIng Solar Flare: Indeed. I'm happy to have equines like you as my daughters.

Princess Celestia: We are too!

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