They are in Yokai Corporation and they look awful

Chairman I thought they fixed that glitch. Mr. Smith is fired! I have to do everything myself around here.

They are back to Normal

Chairman: Good.

Ryder: You...

Chairman: Henchmen.

They saw Ryder's Father on the Screen

Ryder: Dad!

Chairman: So this is the remote that works. This, my friend, is the ACME Train of Death... which is not good news for your father.

Ryder's Father: Don't worry about me, son. I've gotten out of worse scrapes than this one.

Chairman: You see, if the Train of Death doesn't kill him...then those crates of TNT will. Not to mention the 2-ton anvil hanging over his head. And look. There's the Pendulum of Doom. What's the Pendulum of Doom doing there? I did not order it. It's overkill. Get rid of it.

Wile remove it

Chairman: Now, if you want to keep your family "together"... I would hand over the Blue Monkey now.

Ryder's Father: Don't worry, son. I'm fine.

He give it to him

Ryder: You're a sick man, you know that?

Chairman Get used to it.

Ryder: Excuse me? What about my father?

Chairman: He's waiting for a train.

Ryder: What? You...

Chairman: Where's Marvin the Martian? All right, here is the Blue Monkey. Go put it on the satellite. Go!

Whisper: No, you don't, eight ball.

He went off to stop them

Whisper: You'd never catch those heroes being this heroic.

Lucky: Hi.

Whisper: You're despicable.

Chairman: Vandals. Your friends' efforts will prove to be futile. You see, here is the Blue Monkey, here is the ACME satellite. When the Blue Monkey is finally docked in the satellite... I will transmit a beam around the world... which will transform everyone but me into monkeys. Now take them away!

Ryder: Don't you think that'll get lonely... Mr. All My Friends Swing from Treesa and Pick Fleas Out of Their Furry Butts?

Chairman: Lonely? I suppose I could use a little human companionship. Thanks a lot. I've seen you notice me. I know I'm hot. But I prefer someone with a little more oomph. I prefer Mary! Hello, Mary. We're a cute couple, don't you think? Take those future simians away and lower the Monkey shield.


Melvin: Earthlings have the worst sense of direction.

The he has been blast out of space

Marshall: What do you know, he fell for it.

Whisper: I guess I owe you $5.

They saw the Satellite

Chase: Did you order satellite? I don't even have cable.


Keita:You know, when Kate fired that butler... I never would have seen this coming. 

☀Ryder: Gotta be a way out of this.

Ryder's Father: You can get out of this, son. You've just got to set your mind to it. 

Ryder: Besides, I'm hearing my dad's voice in my head. 

Ryder's Father: Actually, I'm down here, son.

Ryder:  Hold on, Dad, I'll be right down!

They got themselves free

Inaho: That was too easy. 

Then a Robot Dog appeared

Ryder's Father: What was that noise, son?

Ryder: Dad, You know how I always wanted a dog

Ryder's Dad: Yeah?

Ryder: I just got a new one. 

Inaho: Wait. Maybe he wants to play fetch. 

Keita: Nice mechanical doggy. 

Inaho: Good dog. Want to play? Good boy. Fetch! 


Whisper: It looks to be a deadly mission requiring strength... cunning and nerves of steel. So good luck, everyone, I'll keep the engine running.

They went off and then Marvin appeared

Marvin: You tricked me! 

Rolly: What's up, Darth? 

Marshall: Now I must incapacitate you with my bubble gun. Ain't that cute? Of course you realize this means war.

They are fighting

Ryder: You go that way. I'm gonna go this way. 

They went off and the Robot Dog got Ryder

Keita: Bad dog! Sit!

Ryder's Dad: I don't want to put you under any added pressure... but judging by the vibrations of these train tracks, I've got about... One minute and forty two seconds left.

Inaho: Down! Put him down. 


Whisper: What am I gonna do? What would Damian Drake do? What would Duck Dodgers do? Wait a minute. I know how! Yes, I'm going to be the hero of this picture! Whisper to the rescue!

Then his Jetpack exploded

Whisper: Whis..per to the rescue..

[the second jetpack blows up]

Whisper: Whisper... 

[another jetpack explodes]

Whisper: Whisp.

[Another jetpack explodes. Outside, Whisper wears another jetpack]

Whisper: Aha! It's you-know-who to the rescue! It helps if you don't say the name.


Ryder: Bad dog!

They are going to save Ryder's Father and they did it


Marvin: Disgusting Earth rodent. Now to neutralize that duck.

Whisper: This can't be good. 

Marvin: Now the diamond will bathe the Earth in a monkey-transforming glow. Ten, nine, eight, seven... six, five, four... three, two, one. 

Marvin: Thwarting evil makes me so angry. 

They got Marvin trapped in a Bubble and they save the world from Chairman

Marshall: That takes care of that. Thanks, Whis.

Marvin Darn dark side!

Chairman: Are you all monkeys yet?

Then he got hit by the beam

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