Here's how saving the crew and the chase goes in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments

[We return to Decastor's liar]

Decastor: [humming Hellfire]

Digit: Sponge, do you have a plan to get out of here?!

Spongebob: No, I haven't a clue of what to do.

Pablo: I know who.

Blackie: Pablo?

Austin: Pablo, whre are you?

Pablo: Look up!

[they look up and see Pincher reeling down from his spider silk with Pablo on his back]

Birdie: Pablo!

Pablo: [as Bilbo Baggins] Shh! There's gaurds near by!

MgNugget #1: How'd you find us?

Pablo: 1206 and the Diesel Squad helped. And they helped me come up with a plan. Here's what we'll do.

[the camera zooms out as Pablo explains the plan and then we see Scor-Brein]

Scor-brein: [climbing on the upper scafflings] There. [he then takes 2 huge bricks and drops them]

[the bricks hit the guards in the head and they are knocked out]

Texo: Mama.

Scor-Brein: Idiots.

Decastor: [grumbling]

Dash-( [honks horn]

Decastor: Huh? Who's there?

Kraken: [honks horn]

Decastor: Okay, this is not funny! who's there?! Texo! BARRET!

Mr. Blik: Okay, now what?

Pincher: We'll stall Decastor, it'll give you guys a chance to escape!

Decastor: Texarret!

[but then the 2 come in with bumps on their heads]

Barret: There's some intruders, boss!

Decastor: Where?

Texo: No idea! One of them ambushed the guards! Droped 2 huge bricks on them.

Decastor: 2 huge bricks?!

Dash-9: And there's gonna be more than that, when you're finished!

Decastor: No, it can't be!

[then from the shadows, the Diesel Squad emerges]

Dash-9: Decastor. We meet again.

Decastor: What are you freaks doing here?

Rattler: Putting an end to your rein of terrorssssss..

Decastor: No, you won't!

Kraken: Yes, we will! You've been escaping the authorities for long enough. and now, you're gonna be out in the place you belong!

Decastor: You 2, get them!

Barret: Yes sir.

Quagmire: Heh! Should had left at all.

[the diesel charge at each other and begin to dual]

Pablo: Okay, guys get out of here!

Edd: what about our instruments and the train!?

Pablo; I'll get them, you guys get out of here while you can!

Eddy: Come on, let's go!

[they run out, which Decastor sees]

Decastor: No! They won't get away that easy! [follows behind]

[the Diesel Squad then manage to defeat Texo and Barret as Pablo finishes gathering the instruments]

Pincher: Pablo! You've gotta get that train rollin'! That psycho's after the team!

1206: Go Pablo, quickly! I'll come with you!

Pablo: Alright! [jumps in the train and starts it]

Dash-9: Be careful on the curved viaduct just outside the city, the left track has a bad bit!

[the train speeds out and 1206 follows]

Texo and Barret: Uh... On our way, boss. [they then fall out cold]

[Fades to the present]

Skyla: [sounding sikc] This is when the chase starts?

Blsckie: Yes.

Cleveland: Who cares? I mean Pablo's just a...

Human Rainbow: [hits him with her rifle] Just shut up, and let's listen to what happens!

Cleveland: I'm not scared of a teenage girl.

Huamn Applejack; Oh yeah? [hits him with a pillow]

Cleveland: [angry growls] your dead! 

[But the guys hold him]

Peter: Cleveland!

Joe: Calm yourself!

Brian: Explain the rest of the story before Cleveland's rage kicks in. [sees something] DAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! [gets hit by a pillow]

Zoe Trent: (gasp) Brian! Are you alright?!

Brian: No. Continue the story.

Blackie: Alright. So, after 1206 and Pablo left the lair...

[fades back to the story]

[we now see the rest of the team running away]

Blackie: (narrating) Spongebob and the others are going down the line.

Spongebob: (panying) We did it. we're free!

Patrick: City limits, here we come! [looks back] You'll never catch us, decastor! [laughs] You'll have to try very hard to catch us!

Spongebob: Uh, okay Patrick, that's enough.

Ed: Ha! Ha! We're too fast for you! We will escape you, evil mutant!

Edd: Ed, I think you shouldn't do that.

Waffle: We have made our escape you jerk1 Now there's no way you can catch us!

Mr. Blik: Waffle, knock it off!

Patrick: Why?

Waffle: Yeah, you really think that slow poke diesel is gonna...

[but not far behind is Decastor!]

[TATMR: The chase starts playing]

Decastor: [panting]

Patirck, Waffle, and Ed: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Spongebob: Run, faster guys!


Decastor: [panting]

MCNugget: Faster, Grimace! Faster!

Sundae:: Funny how a diesel chase can get you

Birdie: Less talking, more running!

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