Say Goodbye to the Ghost Ninja is a remake of Say Goodbye to the Holiday sung by Sci-Ryan in


Morro the Ghost ninja
They say he can't be beat
Morro the Ghost Ninja
They think he's so sweet
Ryan said some words that lack any meaning
Why should I trust him when I could be interfering?
Everyone likes Morro everyday
But, things will be better with Mal out of the way
Well... OK
Say goodbye to the Ghost ninja
With my magic, I'll erase him
My gift to the knights today
And everyhero will have to face it
Vortech won't get my lunchbox today
After he said goodbye to the Ghost Ninja
See you later, Morro, you had a good run
See you later, Morro, it's over, you're done
Finally set free from your plans and intentions
Ryan would like me for some reaction
Villains flee by a single day
Is my magic up to the test?
Let's see I can't delay
Say goodbye to the ghost ninja
Prepare the bots, no hesitation
Ryan's trust shall fade away
See Morro's extermination
No more shall anybody say
Welcome to the team, Morro...
[chuckles cheekily]
....after today!
After today...


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