This is how Scared off Mammoths and Discord saves Indy and Anna goes in Discord Baby Blues.

Meanwhile, at the ceremony.

Thunder Spectrum: Mom! Rainbow Dash! Watch me with the Raptors! (taming the Velociraptors)

Rainbow Dash: Alright, Thunder!

Human Rainbow Dash: He did it!

Rainbow Dash: Isn't that something.

Thunder Spectrum: Now, Watch me avoid the Deinosuchus! (escaped from the Deinosuchus' mouth in 5 seconds)

Rainbow Dash and Human version: Awesome!

Thunder Spectrum: Thank you. Thank you.

Later, As Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are selling their Cinnamon Rolls.

Pound Cake: Cinnamon Rolls!

Pumpkin Cake: Get your Cinnamon Rolls!

Emerald: Delicious.

Titanic: Well done, Pound and Pumpkin Cake. You sure know how to make your Rolls.

Pound Cake: Thanks. (as he and Pumpkin Cake tripped over the Microtaptor) Woah!!!

Pumpkin Cake: Ah! (screamed in front of the Columbian and Woolly Mammoths)

Princess Yuna: The Mammoths are Spooked!

Dusty Crophopper: Everyone! Run!

Then, the Mammoths went rampaging threw out the Ceremony and when they're about to step on Indy and Anna.

Discord: Excuse me, Catrina.

Princess Celestia: My Babies!

Discord: (saved Indy and Anna) Gotcha!

Duck: Well done, Discord!

Princess Celestia: My Little Ones. Thank Goddness you two are alright.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (hugged and kissed Discord and Catrina)

Princess Celestia: I think they like you two.

Discord: So, They do.

Britannic: Discord is a hero!

Everyone cheered.

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