Scarlett 2

Scarlett's true identity.

Scarlett 1

Scarlett's first form.

Scarlett is a contestant on Total Drama.

Scarlett is a highly intelligent individual, with shy yet enigmatic behaviour. When she does speak, she tends to transcend into being very talkative. Her extensive vocabulary has a habit of confusing her teammates, and she usually is required to simplify her suggestions. Although she has an initially polite exterior, Scarlett's true nature is actually quite wicked, so much so that she has gone as far as threatening to kill the other contestants just for the million dollars. She has been shown to be very crafty, and can easily manipulate other people with her superior brain power. This is best displayed through her relationship with Max, whom she uses to carry out various "evil" deeds (most of which she suggests) in order to cover her true nature while Max takes the blame. However, Scarlett despises him referring to her as his "sidekick," showing that she is against being second place to anyone.

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