Schuyler Ramsey is the main antagonist of Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae's Yellowstone Adventure. He is a man in his 30s who has brown hair in a mullet and a goatee. He owns a red-and-blue-striped tent. He has prejudice against animals, especially Benny. He is one of the villains whom Heath goes against. He commits conspiracy to vandalize. This girl is his pawn, Frigga Edwards, whom he bullies and blackmails into doing his vandalism so he will get away with it. He also intends to make himself look better than all others, especially animals. To do this, he has their things destroyed and throws them out. One night, he forces Frigga to tear the gang's tents and throw their gear into the Yellowstone River so they will have to sleep unsheltered, uncovered, and with their heads uncomfortable. At another night, he forces her to puncture their inflatable rafts. Next, he vandalizes a public sign to endanger their lives so he'll make them look like idiots. When he almost endangers the team founders' lives, having them go over the falls, unknown to him was that the Lion Spirit saves them, and Heath is almost endangered, too, but saved. The false sign is then removed from the true sign, so the rest of the team and the Scouts and their leader aren't endangered. The gang confronts Schuyler for his deeds, and as park officials come, he tries getting away, only to go over the falls. The founders, on Lionheart again, save him and turn him to the officials, who arrest him for vandalism.


  • Schuyler is the first villain, besides Heath Lynx, who has a crush on Rae the Lioness. However, at one point, because she and her three fellow leaders turn him over to the park officials in the climax, he slaps her in the face.
  • Schuyler is the first villain to use the word "bloody" as an insult, referring to Rae's friends.

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