Sci-Mary Beth is Mary Beth's EG counterpart.


Sci-Mary Beth (called Mary for short by EG universe folk) was a Crystal Prep student. She wanted to investigate the strange CHS energy like Sci-Twi did so she dismantle her PKE Meter, did some redesigning to it, then turned it into an amulet. When the last event of the Great Race Games came, she was transformed into Night Mary. Realizing what Night Mary is doing, Rarity (EG) uses her amulet on herself and turns into Shining Diamond. Shining and Night Mary fight and Night Mary has the upper hand until her pet Gizmo calls her name. This distracts Night Mary long enough for Shining Diamond to beat her. She later reunites with her brother, Sci-Ryan from Crystal Prep and Rarity (EG) leaves her to her reunion with Sci-Ryan. Mary meets Ryan and the gang in Hollow Bastion after she finds Robotboy, RobotGirl and a reformed Protoboy wandering the location of Cody. Ryan asked Mary if she wants to join him and Sora find Cody and Riku. Mary accepts and asks if she can accompany the robots. Rarity (EG) adds if Ryan could have Gizmo on the mission, that would be fantastic. Ryan agrees and Evil Ryan uses his magic on Gizmo so he can be immune to bright light and the gang set off to other worlds to find their two missing allies. Rarity (EG) told Mary that Protoboy, Robotgirl and Robotboy are her protectors until they save the worlds and Rarity would wish Mary luck. Mary was the


Sci-Mary Beth wears a Crystal Prep student outfit over her white dress, black glasses and black high heels. She has blue eyes, red hair, a blue hairband, a red lipstick and a little blue-purple bow tie on her neck.


Sci-Mary Beth was shy, beautiful, playful and very kind girl. She has the


Rarity (EG)

Rarity (EG) was writing on her book after the Rainbooms practice, but she didn't notice that Mary (wearing a hoodie, jeans and sneakers) was getting off a bus that had just pulled up. Mary sees Rarity, runs back onto the bus and it takes off. Later, Mary returns to Crystal Prep and dismantles her PKE meter and turns it into an amulet. She





Rarity (EG)

Rarity (EG) and Sci-Mary are


  • Sci-Mary also the sister of Ryan F-Freeman (EG).
  • Sci-Mary Beth first appears in The Great Race Game.
  • Sci-Mary have a crush on
  • Sci-Mary will team up with Sci-Ryan, Ryan, Sora and the gang in Ryan's Quest 2.
  • She has Robotboy, Protoboy and RobotGirl as her guardians.
  • Sci-Mary's shoes are a present from Sci-Ryan on her birthday. They are beautiful black high heeled shoes (made by Clarks that Sci-Ryan bought and the company also made Dean Cadance's gold colored high heel shoes). While walking in the park,

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