Sci-Ryamy Weather

Sci-Ryamy Weather is the male version of Stormy Weather and the akumatized alter-ego of Sci-Ryan.


Sci-Ryamy Weather was created when Sci-Ryan was shocked that Aurora didn't win the vote to be the next weather girl and lost the contest with Morro. When Ryan Repulsa and Hawk Moth senses Sci-Ryan's anger and sadness about not trusting Morro, Hawk Moth sends an Akuma to evilize the Shadowbolt to be his follower.


He looks like


Abilities and powers

Sci-Ryamy Weather's Powers are the same like Stormy Weather's powers



  • [laughs cheekly] I am Sci-Ryamy Weather. The weather guy who always gets the weather right.
  • Well, well, well. The blue PJ Mask wants to play.
  • My name is NOT Snow King! It's Sci-Ryamy Weather!
  • [upon seeing Stormy Weather] Oh wow! Hello, good looking. Who are you, lovely girl?
  • You Autobots should be expecting lightning storms like right about.... NOW!! [to Stormy Weather] Is that right, my girlfriend?
  • Well. Hello, Ladyan and PJ Masks.
  • Oh. Is that so? Morro can admit that I am better then him. Here comes a... Storm cloud!
  • Hello, viewers! Here's the latest forcast on the first day of summer. Looks like Mother Nature have other ideas. Summer vacaition is officaly over!
  • Get ready for the worst weather in histroy.
  • In Stormy Weather's and Sci-Ryamy Weather's world, it's Winter Wonderland, FOREVER!! [Laughs like Midnight Sparkle]
  • Who needs sunshine when you can enjoy a 10 feet snow drift?
  • There is no escape from me and my girlfriend! Party is over, fools!
  • Oh, but I will, Morro. As long as you're a ghost ninja who cannot trust me and hates getting wet like Catboy, there is nothing you can do about it. So... I win! [laughs like Luna Girl]
  • Aaagh! I'm soaked!