This is how Sci-Ryamy Weathet rises goes in Thomas and the Great EG caper.

[We see Sci-Ryan on the steps of CHS]

Crash Bandicoot: Hey, Sci-Ryan. What's the matter?

Sci-Ryan: Indigo doesn't remember me.

Crash Bandicoot: Why?

Sci-Ryan: She's been akumatized that's why.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Maybe Morro can help.

Sci-Ryan: Why Morro? I don't know if I can trust him.

Thomas: Then you're just going to have to learn to trust him.

Sci-Ryan: Does you think Morro is better then me? Indigo is now Timebreaker and now you think I can't be trusted? I know how Twilight feels when she was going to Everton.

[Evil Ryan puts his hand on Sci-Ryan's hand]

Evil Ryan: Don't worry, Sci-Ryan. You got us. Listen. Once we got Indigo back to normal, she will remember you. We promise.

[Sci-Ryan nods and goes into a portal in Paris with Crash. Meanwhile, in Hawk Moth's lair]

Hawk Moth: Ah. The feeling of being unwanted among team players.

Ryvine Sparkle: And the human Ryan going to Paris? That makes him an easy target for your Akuma.

Rothbart: How did you know that, Ryvine?

Ryvine Sparkle: I figured it out in my head.

[Hawk Moth empowers an Akuma]

Hawk Moth: Fly away, my little Akuma.

Rothbart: And show the Shadowbolt who to trust.

[The akuma flies out the window. Meanwhile, Sci-Ryan and Crash into an elevator]

Sci-Ryan: So. Morro is a ghost ninja? Who is he friends with?

Crash Bandicoot: Us.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. You could wait at the top floor while I give time to trust Morro.

[Crash nods and takes the stairs]

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Which button is up?

[Sci-Ryan pressed the up button. The elevator doors open and he goes in. He then press the top floor button]

Sci-Ryan: [to himself] That Morro is better then me. I should gain thier trust. If he's out of the way of the villains. I'll prove to everyone that I'm better then Morro.

[The elevator suddenly stops]

Sci-Ryan: Huh? It stopped?

[The Akuma enters]

Sci-Ryan: Huh? A butterfly?

[It flies towards him]

Sci-Ryan: Easy. I'm a Keyblade wielder.

[The Akuma lands on Sci-Ryan's amulet and a butterfly shape appears around his face]

Hawk Moth: Sci-Ryamy Weather. I am Hawk Moth.

Sci-Ryan: You think I can have Stormy Weather's powers?

Hawk Moth: Yeah. I give you these powers to help you get rid of the Ghost Ninja but I need you to do something for me afterwards. Can you do that?

Sci-Ryan: Yes. I'll show everyone that Morro can't be trusted and they should trust me.

[Sci-Ryan lets the Akuma consume him and he steps out of the elevator]

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Hi, Crash.

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Ryan? You look different.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: I'm Sci-Ryamy Weather. The weather guy who always gets the weather right.

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Ryamy Weather?

[Sci-Ryamy Weather nods and open his amulet. Snow comes out]

Crash Bandicoot: Wow. If Elsa saw this, she will like it.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Yeah. You think you can trust me?

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah. What does the rest of you look like?

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Like me. A way cooler me.

Crash Bandicoot: Cool. Where were your glasses and your bow tie and rocket boots?

Sci-Ryamy Weather: I don't know.

Crash Bandicoot: Well. Sci-Twi will be amazed to see you like this. And your girlfriend..

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Indeed.

[Sci-Twi arrives]

Sci-Twi: Whoa. Ryan. You got an outfit? I think I can trust you, Snow King.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: My name is not Snow King, my friend. It's Sci-Ryamy Weather.

Sci-Twi: Ok. I was looking for you here.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Yes, Twilight. I know you can trust me.

Crash Bandicoot: I hope Ryan like you, Sci-Ryan. Because you think Morro can trust you.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Yeah.

[Meanwhile, Ryan goes over to a store]

Ryan F-Freeman: Okay. I hope I can tell Marinette what's happening.

Meg Griffin: Good luck.

Evil Ryan: You'll need it. [Looks at his Iphone and saw Sci-Ryamy Weather on screen] Sci-Ryan? He looks diffrent.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yeah. He looks... taller.

Evil Anna: Sci-Ryan? Is that you?

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Yeah. But, Sci-Ryan is gone. I'm Sci-Ryamy Weather. The weather guy who always gets the weather right. And when I prove to you that I'm better then Morro, he can trust me.

Morro: He thinks.... he's better then me?

Evil Ryan: I think he is giving you the chance to trust Sci-Ryan, Morro. Prove that he's better then you.

Morro: I think I can trust you.

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Cool. I'm going outside.


Evil Ryan:

Meg Griffin:

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