Sci-Ryan's and Clay's Time Travel Adventure is a new movie based on the MLP episode, The Cutie Re-Mark (Parts 1 & 2).


When Morro and Jestro team up with Evil Cody and his master to travel back in time and change Sunset's reformation, it's up to Sci-Ryan and Clay along with Ryan, Crash, Matau, Sci-Twi, Mattis and Rianna to stop the 4 villains before they mess up the space-time continuum and alter the past.


Morro and Jestro's team up

Morro and Jestro are mad because the NEXO Knights and their friends ruined their plans to take over the NEXO Knights world and Equestria. They don't look where they are going and bump into Evil Cody and his master, Makuta. They chat to each other then Jestro saw Rigby (EG) get into his TARDIS and it disappears. Jestro then gets an idea and tells the Book of Monsters and the 3 villains to travel back in time to when Sunset gets Twilight's crown and change Sunset's reformation so she and Cody can stay unreformed.

Clay's vision/The Plan to stop Jestro and Morro

Meanwhile, Clay is working with Sci-Ryan and his Dalek friend on a project with Ryan, who wears Twilight's crown and in demon form, which is a time machine from Back to the Future. They try the test and it works. Later, Clay shows Ryan a presitation on how to act on the Knight's Code. Then, Clay has a vision about Jestro and Makuta taking Sunset as Makuta's student and then altering the past. After the vision ends, Clay tells the others about what he saw. Thomas (EG) thinks that Clay is gone bananas. Thomas tells Clay that he needs a lye some


  • will be good guest stars in this film.
  • The Doom Raiders, Kayley, will help
  • will work for
  • Ryan will banish the Book of Monsters to another world in this film.
  • In the epilogue, Ryvine travels back in time and make sure Jestro stays unreformed in this film.
  • This marks the first appearance of King Chrystalize, General Dogoro, Golden King,
  • This film takes place after Ryan's Mark Adventure.
  • This film is based on the MLP: FIM episodes "The Cutie Re-Mark Parts 1 & 2".


  • Doctor Who theme song
  • Squeeze Me
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Better Than Ever
  • I'm Full of Surprises
  • In Summer

List of different presents

  1. The Jestro Timeline
  2. The King Sombra timeline
  3. The Dazzlings timeline
  4. The Master Chen timeline
  5. The Megatron timeline
  6. The 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz timeline
  7. The Queen Chrysalis present
  8. The Cody and Sunset timeline
  9. The Midnight Sparkle timeline
  10. The Bertranos timeline
  11. The Flash Fire timeline
  12. The Princess Graciella timeline
  13. The Kylo Ren Timeline
  14. The Organization XIII timeline
  15. The Ryan Everfree timeline
  16. The Lord Farquaad timeline
  17. The Twivine Sparkle timeline
  18. The Ryvine Sparkle timeline
  19. The Nightmare Moon timeline
  20. The Kaos timeline
  21. The Unicron timeline
  22. The Tirek timeline
  23. The Discord timeline
  24. The Flim and Flam timeline
  25. The Morro timeline
  26. The Master Hand and Crazy Hand Timeline
  27. The Overlord timeline
  28. The Dark Ryan F-Freeman timeline
  29. The Rothbart timeline
  30. The Vinnie timeline
  31. The Lord Garmadon timeline
  32. The Black Infernite Max timeline
  33. The Serpentine timeline
  34. The Doom Raiders timeline
  35. The Black-Wing Rianna timeline
  36. The Lord Vortech timeline
  37. The Nemisis OpThomas Prime timeline
  38. The Starrings timeline
  39. The Dark Stars timeline
  40. The Mal timeline
  41. The Dark G-Merl timeline
  42. The Mercolts timeline
  43. The Midnight Prime timeline
  44. The Gwen timeline
  45. The Trixie timeline
  46. The Cyberlanders timeline
  47. The Hope timeline
  48. The Gaia Everfree timeline
  49. The Stone Generals timeline
  50. The Dark Kaos Gaia Everfree timeline
  51. The Ryanset Shimmer timeline


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