This how Sci-Ryan's core transfer/The birth of RyanDOS goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[Sci-Ryan, Evil Ryan and Ryan arrive in the Portal 2 world only to find GLaDOS feeling corrupted]

Sci-Ryan: GLaDOS. What happened to you?

GLaDOS: Sci-Ryan. Jay did this to me... He's too tough.

Aperture Announcer: Warning. Central core is 80% corrupt.

Ryan F-Freeman: What do I do? What do I do?

Aperture Announcer: Alternate core detected.

Sci-Ryan: Ryan. You think you can do this?

[Ryan nods]

Aperture Announcer: To initiate a core transfer, please deposit substitute core in receptacle.

Ryan F-Freeman: Core transfer?

Evil Ryan: Ryan? You think you can save my sister?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Let's do it. [plugs himself into receptacle]

Aperture Announcer: Substitute core accepted. Substitute core, are you ready to start the procedure?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes!

Aperture Announcer: Corrupted core, are you ready to start the procedure?

GLaDOS: A techno-organic in my body? No!

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh yes you are.

GLaDOS: No, Ryan. You can't do it!

Aperture Announcer: Stalemate detected. Transfer procedure cannot continue.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh man. I can't lose another one again.

Aperture Announcer: ...unless the stalemate associate is present to press the stalemate resolution button.

Ryan F-Freeman: The button. That'll work. [to Sci-Ryan and Evil Ryan] Sci-Ryan. Evil me. Go to the button and press it on my marko.

Evil Ryan: Don't worry, GLaDOS. Ryan's doing this to save you.

[GLaDOS nods as Evil Ryan and Sci-Ryan walk up to the stalemate resolution button]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ready, GLaDOS?

GLaDOS: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Marko!

Sci-Ryan and Evil Ryan: [presses the button] Polo!

Aperture Announcer: Stalemate resolved. Please return to the core transfer bay.

Ryan F-Freeman: Here we go! What if this hurts? I hope it don't hurt. Oh man. I didn't think that.

GLaDOS: Oh. It will, Ryan. Believe me it will.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope so, GLaDOS. I am the Prime-prince of Friendship, you know. If Meg gets here, tell her that I love her. This is going to be..[screams in pain]

GLaDOS: Ryan did this, Sci-Ryan. Thank yo..AAAAAAAAAAAA......

[Then the transfer is complete and Ryan in GLaDOS' body rises up]

Sci-Ryan: WOW! Ryan! You saved her!

RyanDOS: Whoa! What a ride. What happened?

Evil Ryan: We did the transfer, Ryan.

RyanDOS: Oh yeah. I'm in control of this place now. [waves his hand and the walls react to it] Whoa! This is awesome!

GLaDOS: You think you give me a body, Ryan? And it better not be a potato.

RyanDOS: Ok. Let me do something. [makes GLaDOS into a techno-organic body] Done.

Evil Ryan: Cool. Ryan? You think you kept the Matrix?

RyanDOS: Yes. It's been a long time.

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