This is how Sci-Ryan's idea/The birth of Daydream goes in The Midnight Chronicles.



Dark Ryan F-Freeman: What is you on about, Sci-Ryan? My girlfriend needs to be stopped and have her reformed so she can be a part of Sci-Twi.

Sci-Ryan: I know. Maybe if Ryan can fight fire with fire.

Craver: Hello? He already mastered fire.

Sci-Ryan: Nope, Craver. Ryan might fight Midnight Tonitini with a Daydream Shimmer version of Ryan. So, he can help Tino understand the true magic of all. The Magic of Friendship.


Crash Bandicoot: Ok, guys. We have to fetch Sunset and Ryan.

Sonata Dusk:

[Kurumi arrives with Ryan, who's eyes are pink hearts]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? You ok? And is that... Kurumi?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I think she can help us fight Midnight.

Sunset Shimmer: You think she can help us save Tino?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes.

Meg Griffin: Ok. We could do a test.


Bertram T. Monkey: Now, Ryan. Time to have a Daydream Shimmer of your own.

[Bertram stabs Sunset's chest and a bit of the Daydream part come out]

Emmet: What?

Bertram T. Monkey: At last our moment is here. Out of Sunset's cool EG vessel and in with Ryan's techno-organic one.

Sci-Twi: Wow.

Bertram T. Monkey: I vow Tino will be safe and see Ryan. And be with you when we go back to Camp Everfree. [to Ryan] And now, it is your darkness that shall be the ark at sustains a Daydream you!!!!

[a Daydream part flys into Ryan and he turns to Daydream F-Freeman]