This is how Sci-Ryan-Vanitas rises in The Final Wreck-Ending of Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: All-Stars.

[Sci-Twi was floating in her dream]

Sci-Ryan: [voice] Ven ask you a request, Twilight.

Ventus: [voice] Save Sci-Ryan, Mike... and Zoey.

[In reality]

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Twi?

Ryan-Ko: Hey, Shadowbolt. Wake up.

[Sci-Twi wakes up, groaning]

Crash Bandicoot: You ok, Sci-Twi?

Sci-Twi: Yeah. What happend?

Ryvine Sparkle: You were knocked out when Mal and Vanitas throws Thunder Streak.

[Emmet spots Sci-Ryan]

Emmet: Hey, guys! Look!

Sci-Twi: Oh thank goodness. Ryan.

[They ran to him]

Odette: You're Ok.

Sci-Twi: Ryan? Can you hear us?

[Crash spots the X-blade that Sci-Ryan is holding and he attacked Aqua and Sci-Twi and then Mickey save them]

Mickey Mouse: That's not Sci-Ryan!

Old Oscar: You think so?

[Sci-Ryan's clothes turn into Vanitas' bodysuit and the light on Sci-Ryan's amulet turn from blue to red]

Sci-Ryan-Vanitas: Correct. I am not Sci-Ryan. His heart has become a part of mine now.

Odette: No.

Evil Ryan: I think I'm going to be sick!

Sci-Ryan-Vanitas: This X-Blade will open a door. One that leads to ALL worlds! Then, Keyblade bearing warriors will flock here, from each and every one of them, to battle for the light within Kingdom Hearts! And just like the legend says, the Keyblade war will begin!

Dr. Neo Cortex: Shut up!

Gwen: We are sick of your lies!

Aqua: Give Sci-Ryan his heart back!

Sci-Twi: Ryan! If you can hear me, fight Vanitas!

Ventus: Sci-Ryan! Aqua and Mickey tried to free me from Vanitas! We must do so again!

Sci-Ryan-Vanitas: Ugh. Sci-Ryan may hear you. But, he can not help you!

Sierra: Oh my gosh! He said what Megatron said! Only if he is dead.

Alvin: Sci-Ryan! Listen! You are controled by Vanitas! You must fight him! Or you are no better then Galvatron and Morro!

Sci-Ryan-Vanitas: Sci-Ryan is not here. He has embraced the darkness in his heart and Ryan will do the same.

Sci-Twi: Ryan! You know Mal is controling Mike!

Crash Bandicoot: Maybe you guys do a team huddle while I fight him.