Midnight Prime: I will make Twilight pay, Ryan. I will forever be a part of you!


Mal: You are a winp like Roxas.

Flain: Come on, Sci-Ryan! Fight!

Sci-Ryan: But, Flain. What if..

Flain: Never mind the darkness. We must fight. We can't let the monster and Mal win. Think of Ryan. The same he and Sora will be forced to bear. USE THE KEYBLADE!

Sci-Ryan: Ok.

Mal: For a Keyblade weilder, you are not like Sora.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Mal: Grrr. I never forgive you, Human Ryan! I'll be back! Mal WILL BE BACK!

Midnight Prime: Curse you, Flain and Ryan! Someday, I'll return with my darkness. And when I do, I will understand all life on Cybertron and be a part of you!

He and Midnight Prime escape

Sci-Ryan: Come on, let's go!

They went to the Portal

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