This is how Sci-Ryan chats to Mal/Helping Mal goes in Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree.

[Sci-Ryan is at the forest with Flain (EG) training their magic skills]

Sci-Ryan: [in mind] I knew Twilight might be fading because of Midnight Sparkle.

Flain (EG): Ryan? We can help her control her power.

Sci-Ryan: Yes, Flain. We're Shadowbolts forever.

[Sci-Ryan summons his Keyblade and swings at the tree branches but nearly hits Mal]

Mal: Hey! Watch it!

Sci-Ryan: Mal? Don't sneek up on me like that. I never forgive you if I mistake you for a Decepticon.

Flain (EG): Ryan? What is that?

Mal: Flain. That Shadowbolt has got a cool weapon.

Sci-Ryan: It's called a Keyblade.

Flain (EG): Whoa.

Mal: Wait. Did you got it from some film?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.

Flain (EG): What's it called?

Sci-Ryan: Not sure.

Flain (EG): It's either Total Drama: Super Pals or Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance.

Sci-Ryan: Well, which ever film I got it in, it was great. [looks and sees that Mal is sad] What's the matter, Mal?

Mal: I need to be alone for a while. [goes over to the river and sits on a log]

Sci-Ryan: Wonder what's wrong with him.

Flain (EG): I don't know, Ryan. Maybe you should give him a pep talk.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. And how did you know Mal?

Flain (EG): Mike told me about him.

[Sci-Ryan nods and sits next to Mal]

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Mal. Why are you so... You know. Down in the dumps?

Mal: [sighs] It's just Mike doesn't need me anymore.

Sci-Ryan: What did you say to him?

Mal: Told him I am a part of him. But he said I was a part of him he didn't need anymore.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. You think Everfree Prince Gale might be hiding somewhere?

Mal: Yeah. But Mike needs me to help him fight him.

Flain (EG): I don't know. Everfree Prince Gale might be a hero if Ryan became him.

[Mal gasps]

Mal: But what about Gaia Everfree? If she shows up, Mike's gonna need all the help he can get. Even from me.

Sci-Ryan: You know about Gaia Everfree?

Mal: Well, duh, heard the story.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. Right.

Mal: And something's up with Gloriosa. I just know it.

Sci-Ryan: I guess you could be in Ryan's body when Camp Everfree is saved.

Mal: Yeah. But have you noticed anything odd about Gloriosa. You know, something not normal?

Sci-Ryan: No. I guess you could think she's off like this? [puts on a hat] Or off like this? [puts a sticker on his cheek] Oh. I know. Off like...

Mal: Let me tell you. I heard her shouting at Timber whilst I was outside their boathouse and Gloriosa sounded really mad. Timber told her to let go of something and I think it might be something magical.

Sci-Ryan: And Ryan is acting wired now he's with Gloriosa.

[Mal remembers when Ryan walking with Gloriosa]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan been there with her, silly kid. Doctor Crash told Ryan and Gloriosa to let go of the camp. For Dr. X, I'll make him pay for telling Flain to unleash the magic of his amulet. Never forgive, never forget.

Mal: You was angry at Dr. X?

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