This is how Sci-Ryan fetches Megan goes in Twivine Sparkle's Cutie Mark Quest.

[At Megan's world, Megan and her horse saw a shooting star in the sky]

Megan Williams: Wow! A shooting star.

Horse: [whinning]

[Sci-Ryan in his Sci-Rybat form spins on the top of Megan's roof and flies into a well]

Megan Williams: What was that?

[Megan runs to a well and starts looking Sci-Ryan then she turns the handle lifting the bucket]

Megan Williams: Whatever it is, it sure is heavy.

[As she was makeing the bucket go up. Krekka and Nidhiki are flying looking for Sci-Ryan]

Krekka: Do you think he went this way?

Nidhiki: I don't know.

Krekka: Maybe he flew into that well.

Nidhiki: But there's a girl down there.

Krekka: Right. She's the one to help us.

[as they land, Megan manage to pull the bucket to the top]

Sci-Ryan: Thank you. I know how Rainbow Dash's G1 counterpart Firefly feels.

Megan Williams: Are you a vampire fruit bat?

Sci-Ryan: Well, Ryan's friend Twilight did a spell on me. In this form, I can fly.

Krekka: OVER HERE, TOA!!

Sci-Ryan: Oh, Krekka.

[Krekka smiles]

Sci-Ryan: That flight made me all wet.

[Sci-Ryan laughs as he shakes himself dry]

Krekka: Nice job, Sci-Ryan.[picks up an apple] I love this thing.

[Sci-Ryan sniffs the Apple's sent and looks at the apple]

Sci-Ryan: Well, Megan. All this flying has... made me... hungry.

Megan Williams: What's wrong with you?

Krekka: Ryan's friend Princess Twilight Sparkle did a spell on this Toa. That's why he's looking at this apple.

[Sci-Ryan grabs the apple and eats it like Flutterbat did]

Timothy (Non-ghost engine version):[on COMM] Tim to Sci-Ryan. Come in, Sci-Ryan. Over.

Sci-Ryan: [pulls out his communication device] I'm here, Timothy. You got something to say? Over.

Timothy: Have you found someone? Over.

Sci-Ryan: Yes, Timothy. Her name is Megan Williams. The one who beaten Tirek at Midnight Castle. Over.

Timothy: Ok. I'll see her in person when you fetch her. Over.

Sci-Ryan: Ok, Timothy. Over and out.

Megan Williams: Who are you?

Sci-Ryan: I'm Ryan F-Freeman. But, you can call me Sci-Ryan. These two are Krekka and Nidhiki.

Krekka: What's your name, ma'am?

Megan Williams: Megan and this is my pony TJ.

Sci-Ryan: We know.

Krekka: We've come from the world of the Equestria Girls universe to this world to find you to help us.

Megan Williams: Ok. What's happening? Did our Tirek come back seeking revenge?

Sci-Ryan: No. The Tirek from another world is working for Ryvine and his sister Twivine.

Nidhiki: You might be right and you are a better Toa like my brother Lhikan, Sci-Ryan.

[Sci-Ryan nods]

Krekka: Nidhiki and I'll go find Shockwave, Sci-Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: Ok, Krekka. Good luck.

Nidhiki: We'll need it.

[Krekka and Nidhiki switch into flight mode and head off into the sky]

Sci-Ryan: Ok. That hill looks high enough.

[Megan smiles]

Sci-Ryan: You do know how to help others. Right?

Megan Williams: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: I'll hold your hand.[grab Megan's hand] I'll take you to my friends. You're strong.

[Megan nods]

Sci-Ryan: You can fight and fly.

Megan Williams: I know I can ride. Not fly.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. My friends will love you.

[Sci-Ryan jumps off a cliff with Megan but can fly]

Megan Williams: I hope they will!

Sci-Ryan: Good for you, Megan.

[the song Dancing on Air starts playing]

Sci-Ryan: They'll be dancing on air when they meet you~

Dancing on air with glee~

Megan Williams: I doubt they'll be celebrating~

When they see, it's only me~

Sci-Ryan: They'll do cartwheels in air when they meet you~

[Sci-Ryan does a loop-de-loop]

Their hopes will start to rise~

Megan Williams: From what they're anticipating, they're in for a big surprise~

Sci-Ryan: They'll be floating, lighter then a cloud~

Megan Williams: They'll be floating, laughing right out loud~

Sci-Ryan: The sight of you will send spirits flying~

Megan Williams: One of two may burst out crying~

[Sci-Ryan land on a cloud with Megan]

Sci-Ryan: Why can't you believe? You're going to be great.

Megan Williams: But, Sci-Ryan...

Sci-Ryan: Trust me! Megan, you're a dream come ture~

That my friends will think so too~

You're the answer to our every prayer~

Megan Williams: Time will tell if I come through, but just imagine if I do...~

Sci-Ryan: They'll be dancing~

Megan Williams: Prancing~

Sci-Ryan and Megan Williams: Dancing on air!~

[Meanwhile Ryan waits for Sci-Ryan]

12th Doctor: What's taking Sci-Ryan so long, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't know, Doctor. Look!

[Sci-Ryan lands on the ground with Megan]

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