This is how Sci-Ryan meets Nate Adams/Thomas and Ashima reunited goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Cars 2

Sci-Ryan: This place is awesome, Gaia.

[Gaia nods then Sci-Ryan bumps into Nate Adams]

Sci-Ryan: Ow! [feels his face] Oh my. First my glasses come off at Crystal Prep and now here? I hope Ryalight's not here.

Nate Adams: Who?(hands him his glasses)

Sci-Ryan: He's a techno-organic just like my friend here. [points to Ryan as he puts his glasses back on]

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? Sci-Ryan? Who are you talking to?

Sci-Ryan: I'm talking to... uh.... [to Nate Adams] What's your name?

Nate Adams: Nathan Adams. But you can call me Nate.

[Sci-Ryan remembers Nate back in "Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess"]

(Whisper and Jibanyan appear)

Jibanyan: And we're his friends, Whisper and Jibanyan.

Sci-Ryan: NATE!!![hugs Nate] I'm so happy to see you again.

(they see Deadpool in disguise)

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Wade-

Deadpool:(shushes him) You can't say my name here. Japan is one of the countries I'm wanted in.

(as if to confirm this, police show up)

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank Primus. The police are here.

Nate Adams: Primus?

Deadpool: You'll never catch me!(sand crabs away making Zoidberg noises)

Police: He just sand crabbed out of here! Find him!

(meanwhile, with Thomas)

(the camera shows a snake slither past them)

Thomas: Ah, I hate snakes!

(the snake disappears into the shadows, but takes on a human form)

Serpentmon(human form):(to himself) The best part of a Serpentmon, is we can shapeshift.

(Thomas looks around and sees a brightly coloured engine named Ashima)

Vector Prime: Ryan? Sci-Ryan know this kid?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes.

Thomas: Ashima! (puffs over to her)

Ashima:(turns to him) Thomas!(goes over to him)

Nate Adams: Ashima?

Ryan F-Freeman: That's the name of the brightly coloured engine over there.

Jibanyan: And who is Ryalight? And is Twilight alive again?

Twilight Sparkle:(jealously) I'm right here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, Ryan. Is Megatron ok with you?

Megatron: Yes.

(suddenly, Deadpool shows up and the police corner them)

Police: Arrest those two.(points to Deadpool and Ryan)

(they cuff them)

Sci-Ryan: He didn't do anything.

Police: He harbored Wade Wilson.

???: Stand down, now, officer.(they turn and see Nighlock)

Ryan F-Freeman: Nighlock.

Nighlock: Let him go. This techno-organic hasn't performed any crimes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks man.

Nighlock: Don't bother putting Wade on the electric chair. He's been through that. 20 times. Just give him a poisoned apple straight from Storybrooke.

Ryan F-Freeman and Twilight Sparkle: Storybrook?

Nighlock: A town that the world has no knowledge of. We'd like to keep it that way.

(Ryan nods]

Whisper: How come Twilight is alive, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Because, she got revived so I can be her friend again.

[Thomas looks at Ryan hugging Twilight]

Thomas: Guys, I would like you all to meet my old friend, Ashima.

Odette: Hi, Ashima. I'm Odette, Princess Odette.

Ashima: Nice to meet you.

Whisper: Does the Prime-prince knows Odette, Nate?

Nate Adams: Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight. Thomas is Ashima's friend. You are his girlfriend.

Twilight Sparkle:(sighs in relief) I know. I know.

[Thomas smiles]

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. How did you got back to life? Is it after I merge with Primus?

Sci-Ryan: But, Ryan. Twilight can't merge with Primus. We have no idea what she could do!

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