This is how Sci-Ryan vs. Nanc-anos/Unicron's and Thunderwing's defeat goes in Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree.

Sci-Twi: Ryan? What happened to you?

Sci-Ryan: The geode. Ok, Cortex. We will free this camp.

Crash Bandicoot: [pulls out the Dark Sparkle] I'll smash it! Element of Magic. We call upon you. [Twirls his Keyblade as magic from Twilight's element of harmony glows]

Nan-anos: We will save this CAMP!!!

Sci-Ryan: Not this time, girl.

[Sci-Ryan and Nanc-anos fights then he used his magic to make the geodes fly off]

Everfree Prince Gale: C'mon, Crash! Smash the crown!

[Crash nods then notice Unicron in his EG form behind him with Thunderwing]

Unicron: You and your friends cannot defeats us, Keyblade wielding bandicoot. We have our own EG forms. By my will alone, all upon this world shall fall into chaos.

Crash Bandicoot: Not while my friends and I still stand, Unicron. The Magic of Friendship will light our darkest hour!

Thunderwing and Unicron: NNOOOOO!!!!

[Gale and his friends, who got geodes and their crystal anthro forms, uses their magic at Gaia while Crash smashes the Dark Sparkle then got blown into bits]

Crash Bandicoot: Now you see The Dark Sparkle will NEVER be powerful than the Element of Magic.

Unicron: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!![got blown up]

Thunderwing: You haven't seen the last of Ryvine and MMMEEEE!!!!!

Ryvine Sparkle: Come on, friend! Let's get out of here!!

[Thunderwing flies away with Ryvine]

[The Rainbow beam unleashes the power of the Brambles dome Transforming into a Crystal Dome, Causing to explode, saving the Camp, And the Campers are freed from the Brambles spell]

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