This is how the scene for Scootaloo killing Starscream goes in Thomas, Twilight, and The Mummy Returns.

Scootaloo: I got this. (picks up Rainbow's M4 and climbs up onto a tower) Hey Starscream! (throws a rock and hits the decepticon)

Starscream: What is it?

Scootaloo: Over here! Come get me you giant scrap iron!

Starscream: Scrap Iron?! Aaaah!!!

Thomas: Scootaloo!

Scootaloo: All right. Give me a second. (Puts the rifle in the right spot) Okay, show me the bomb, show me the bomb. Blow up!

Rainbow Dash: Squirt, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

(Scootaloo aims and fires but misses)

Starscream: I'm gonna get you!

(Scootaloo fires but misses)

Starscream: I gonna finish you once and for all!

(Scootaloo fires but misses)

Scootaloo: Blow up!

(Scootaloo fires but misses)

Duncan: No!

(Scootaloo fires but misses)

Starscream: Here I come!

Scootaloo: Smile you overgrown mechanic bird! (fires another shot and hits)

(Starscream explodes)

Scootaloo: YES!!

Luke: Scootaloo did it!

Twilight Sparkle: Hooray!

Apple Bloom: Scoot! Ya did it!

Sweetie Belle: (muffled) Yeah! I mean, YEAH!

Rainbow Dash: I am so proud of you!

Scootaloo: Thanks.

Thomas: Now, we will never see Starscream again!

Uray: But we still have the others to take care of.

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