Scor-Brein is a diesel from Cartoon World, Diesel City. He is the co spy of the Diesel city
Scor-Brien pic


"Diesel Squad" he is part Scorpion. He has the ability to get off the track with his 10 legs, climb walls and grab things with his claws. When he fights his main weapons include of his two big claws and his sleek, quick stinger tail. He sometimes is the one to shut up Pincher. He is also a bit more smarter than Pincher. But he and Pincher do work together as partners. Sometimes Pincher jumps on Scor-brein's back and control his claws and stinger. He is colored brown, tan, dark gray, with a blue stinger.


  • Scor-Brein is a train created by Stuingtion himself.
  • Scor-brein is part scorpion, part diesel.
  • He is also best friends with Pincher.

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