This is how Scorm and Jafar took the Golden Chi and takes Lagravis to Lord Vortech in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

They made it to the Lion Temple, and they see two persons.

Tino: Jafar!

Laval: Scorm!

Jafar: Hello Tino. So glad you can drop in.

Scorm: Now we're going to steal this golden chi!

Sunset Shimmer: No!

Jafar: Plus, we have someone as our prisoner.

Lagravis: Lavertus!

Lavertus: Brother!

Laval: Dad! Let him go!

Scorm: I'm afraid we can't do that.

Noby: Who are you Working for?

Jafar: We cannot tell you.

Doraemon: Tell us!

Scorm: Not gonna Happen.

Then, a Vortex appear and the villains are about to go in.

Jafar: See you later next time, Tino. (jumps in with Scorm, carrying the Golden Chi, and Lagravis with them)

Lagravis: LAVAL!!!

Laval: DAD!!!

Shido Itsuka: Man! They got away!

Lavertus: With my brother!

Noby: We'll rescue them, we promise.

Tino: Yeah, let's go back.

Gandalf: Quickly, fly!

Batman: You know, Tino is a Humicorn, Gandalf.

Tino: Um. Batman you know I cannot carry too many people.

Batman: Aw, man.

Noby: Guess we should walk back to the Portal.

Gandalf: Why do we have to take a Walk?

Owen Grady: Walk? Oh no! Not me!

Doraemon: Look, we have no choice here, so we have to do it.

Owen Grady: (sigh) Fine. Let's take a walk.

Tino: Alright. Let's go back to the Portal.

Carver: Okay then.

They left the Lion Temple and head to the Vortex.