Changeling vectore no 2 by ackdari-d4y5x81

Scotch seem little nervous

Scotch is a little changeling, who is the traitor to Queen Chrysalis,King Metamorphosis and all changelings.

Role of the Series

In Courage and Friends Discover How Framed Roger Rabbit, Scotch went back to the crime scene, he saw that guy with the Villain Ledge with King Metamorposis and Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings who murdered an unknown person. Scotch must tell the truth to Team Elite , but they don't trust him because he is one of them. At the end, he watches the Eddie and the other cartoon characters enter the cartoon world, but Team Elite goes on go on a millitary camp it war against DOOM .Later in Courage and Friends Went Over the Hedge, Scotch with RJ with chase with Vincent , he must trust that he could help Team Elite,



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