This is where Scott gets shot down in Thunderbots Are Go!.

[Scott is flying the Thunderbird Shadow over a rainforest]

Scott: [imitating Optimus Prime] Work closely with Thruster. Learn the way of the Autobots. [normal voice] Come on. Who does that guy think he is? Turning our vehicles into robots. I mean, it's just not official.

[Suddenly, a lightening bolt strikes the Thunderbird Shadow]

Scott: Uh-oh! I'm in danger! [activates the comm-link] Mayday! Mayday! This is Scott Tracy! I've been hit by a lightning bolt! I'm going down! [no response] Ratchet? John, can you hear me? I'm gonna crash if you don't respond! Hello?

[The plane crashes and Scott is flying and lands in a river. He resurfaces, unconscious, and floats along on his back

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