Debo Peshango

Scrapper is one of Slede's Outlaws in Power Rangers: Dino Charge.


He is a rough and tough alien cyborg. However, he is cowardly, sycophantic and dishonest to Sledge and desperate for freedom. He risks himself into any adversities and willingly does whatever it takes to finish a task. He is also sneaky and clever, as he is able to outmaneuver obstacles including when being imprisoned. His ignorance, however, leads to his downfall.


  • His powers is Energy Blast he can use from his chest.
  • Hand Mimicry: Scrapper can conceal his entire being into his right arm, which gives him speed, strength, agility and maneuverability.
  • Flyswatter: Scrapper's left hand is a huge flyswatter which can be used in combat.


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