(Jacob enters the cart where Pooh and friends are imprisoned)

(Cindy wakes up)

Cindy: Jacob!

Pom: Jacob! You came back!

Judy: What are you doing here?

Jacob: I am going to get you guys out of here.

Pooh: We need the key.

Jacob: How will I find it?

Boo Boo: We don't know. Oogie locked us with a key.

Jacob: I will find it. I will be back.

(Jacob goes out to find the key where Oogie put it on a hook in another cart. He has found it, grabs it and return to his friends)

Jacob: I got the key.

Judy: Good. Now let us out quick.

(Jacob unlocks the cage door and Babar, Bongo and Lullubelle are liberated)

: I'll get you out.

(He pulls the polls, but he lets go, because he is not strong enough)

Mole: We gotta to wake Benjamin, Horton and Babar up. Benjamin! Benjamin, wake up!

(Mole claps Benjamin's face to wake him up)

(Benjamin wakes up from hypnosis)

Benjamin: Huh? Is someone here? Oh, Mole. What are you doing here?

Mole: You've been hypnotized by Kaa.

Benjamin: Oh. Thank you for saving me.

Mole: You're very welcome, I am sure. We need to get our friends out of here.

Benjamin: I will do it.

(Benjamin uses his strength to stretch the polls and Pooh and friends are liberated)

(Mole claps Horton's face to wake him up)

Horton: (in Bagheera's voice) Who did--Huh? Wha--

(Robin claps Babar's face to wake him up while Benjamin stretches the polls to liberate Celete and her children)

Little John: Bless me. I must have been asleep...Now. Jacob! Pooh and friends!

Celete: Are you all right, my dear?

Babar: Yeah, honey.

Little John: I have no idea what came over me.

Alexander: Kaa hypnotized you, Uncle Benjamin and Uncle Horton.

Little John: Kaa! He tricked us.

Pooh: Don't worry. We will stop the villians, or my name isn't Winnie the Pooh. Which it is.

Benjamin: Come on. We got the show to save.

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