Scroop's death

Scroop's death

is an insectoid creature with attitude, and part of the villain league. He served as the secondary later main villain in Pooh's adventures of Treasure Planet. He becomes Hamsterviel's new minion after Gantu and Reuben's reforming. When Hamsterviel became Darth Xenomus' minion, Scroop became the Sith Lord's minion, too.

He first appeared in a cameo in Spongebob and the Hyneas get lost, nearly about to attack Maleficent for insulting him, till Shere Khan got him under control.

He appeared more in Spongebob and friends in Kung Fu Panda with the other villains and broke Tai Lung free from prison.

He is considerd a foul-tempered Spider crab creature in some cases. He was later bested by Sandy at the palace and sent flying. He made several cameos in some Spongebob's adventure films.

Despite his failure in China, he returned a second time, as he became one of the leaders, along with John Silver, Jafar, and Shan-Yu by orders of Dark Cynder. He requested to have the scouts killed, but John told him to butt out.

He, along with Gaspar, John Silver, Max Salmon, an army of alien space pirates, whatever's left of Shan-Yu's Huns, and Shan-Yu went to invade the castle, but were later defeated again by the shell louge squad. He returned with Dark Cynder and Deadpool in Spongebob and Friends in Quest for Camelot. Both he and Deadpool were defeated by Po when Deadpool called him a big fat panda.

He appeared in Spongebob and Friends Find the Black Cauldron, but this time, he, along with Deadpool exate to avoid being sent to the banished realms.

Scroop will return in Spongebob and Friends in Lilo and Stitch, for he never actually died, just when he's been hit hard enough, he would end up being sent flying.


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