Scylla is an evil witch who first appeared on Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures in the Hunt of the Gem as the main villainess.

Scylla is born on England as Sarah Westerberg and she is one of the settlers aboard the Mayflower. Around the time, she is aging and seeks eternal youth. She comes across a gemstone (later named the Gemstone of Purpose) that gives her not only her youthful beauty but also grant powers. As of result, she becomes obessed with power and turned evil. She then changed her name into Scylla.

The Worgens, sent by George Washington, were sent to hunt down Scylla and take the gemstone away from her. Rose Aurora Vanter (later Worgen), the ancestor of Aurora Rose Worgen, first come across Scylla when the witch curses the Worgens into wolf humaniod beings. Years later, Scylla fights Rose Aurora again and ended up defeated. Suddenly, she critically and mortally wounds Rose Aurora, not allowing anyone to touch the gemstone, however the gemstone later banishes Scylla into a deep slumber and is buried deep inside a chamber around the private property of Central Park.

Heath Lynx digs up the property and he accidentally awakens Scylla, ended up becoming her lackey. She gives Heath an enchanted demonic armor that gives him fire power and super strength. Learning that the Gemstone of Purpose is actually inside of Aurora Rose's body, she possesses Heath and kidnaps her into Heath's studio warehouse.

In the battle, she built a laser machine that will take out the gem and also disintergrate anyone in site. However, Rae and Benny configured the controls and the laser combined with Rae's magical healing spell, they set Heath free from possession and Scylla is slowly decaying with age.

The Fantasy Adventure Team struggled against the strong laser beam until Aurora Rose tosses the gem, causing it to explode and shatter into pieces. Scylla later turned into ashes.

It is unknown that Scylla would return to life.


  • The name Scylla comes from a Greek mythological creature whom Odysseus fought.

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