Seadramon is a seadragon digimon that was formerly under the crontrol of the villain leage, and was one of dark cynder's pets before she was cured. in Spongebob and Friends go on the quest for camelot, Seadramon helped with the stealing of Excaliber, before Kuwagamon and the griffin blundered by the might of Silverwings. at the climax, Seadramon proved a wrohy foe to the digidesten, till Gabumon transformed into Garurumon and defeated Seadramon. in Spongebob and Friends finds Atlantis, Seadramon returned, but reformed, by the healing powers of the crystail from Kida, which not just healed Seadramon's wounds from the battle in camelot, but curing Seadramon of his darkness, and freeing Seadramon from the curse of the villain leage's control. Seadramon is still loyal to Cynder, due to her having Seadramon as a pet long ago, as evidented when Cynder stoped Seadramon from attacking the shell louge squad, and Had Seadramon freese Rourke. Seadramon as of now lives in atlantis as it's protacter, aside from the atlantian royal guards.

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