Ace saw Kirby and Tokkori looking at tracks

Ace: Hey, you two. What are you doing?

Tokkori: Everyone is gone! Me and Kirby turned our backs for one moment and they were gone! So we've began following these tracks. Or at least Kirby here's trying to follow them? We're thinking whoever caused these tracks might have taken everybody else.

They look around and they saw Rick, Sword and Blade

Ace: Hey, guys. What are you doing?

Blade: To make this place as a Safehouse.

Sword: (Mumbled) And we need to find everyone here.

Rick: And this place is like home.

Ace: Hmm, this place feels like home, maybe we find everyone around here.... Seems like a great spot to find them.

After that they found everyone

At Night

They watch the Star

Tiff: I'm so happy, we're together again! I don't what to do, when I'm alone.

Tuff: Come on, Tiff. You need to be strong for that.

Tiff: I know, but aren't you scared?

Tuff: No. I'm not, beside everyone will have to be brave to find everyone you know.

Ace: So, Kirby what are you thinking?

Kirby: Poyo.

Tokkori: He said "Nothing, I'm just thinking about what to think about."

Ace: Man, well, time to leave.

​Tiff: Ace, where are you going?

Ace: I'm going to find my friends, they are waiting for me.

Tuff: Hope, you come back.

Tiff: I hope you find you're friends!

Ace is leaving and everyone is waving to him

Tiff: Ace , don't forget... We shall always be here. If you'd like to visit again, that is.

Then Book has been Close and it show the Book has a Picture of Kirby, Tokkori, Tiff, Tuff, Fololo, Falala and Ace walking down to the road and everyone will know that Ace come back for them

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