Flashback has started

Zidane: Viiv! Look, I know you want to save our friends form Kuja, but... What if he captured you?

He wave a goodbye

Zidane: You're waving a Goodbye? Well, I will get caught. But we're with you.

They went off

Flashback has ended

Ace and Rev are wondering around ship and they saw Vivi and Zidane running from the Mage and they have been captured from their freeze power 

Ace: Zidane! Vivi!

Then the Black Mage put them in a Cage and send off to the ship, then a Giant Dream Eater has taken the ship and send off, Ace and Rev are going to find it

Ace: Okay, looks like we have to keep that Ship save. Then rescue our friends.

They are fighting it and then a cannon just blow the Dream Eater and then it has been Explode has been Explode, and Ace and Rev has been send to the land and they are worried about Vivi and Zidane

Ace: Rev... I think I get it now. After this, Vivi and Zidane's world's gets dragged into Darkness and sneak aboard in Kuja's Ship, and they end up captured from the Black Mages between worlds, along with the Ship. And then... They went back to Alexandria, and the ship. That's when we meet for real.

Rev: Yeah. It's like Master Yen Sid said- We're in the dream Vivi's world's is dreaming. And that world will never be right again until it wakes from sleep.

Then they saw a Symbol of a Pendant they aim their swords and they got it

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