Searching for Yuna, Brian and Stewie and Good memories goes in Yuna, Stewie and Brian.

Tigatron: Anything yet, Airazor?

Airazor: My scanner's picking up some three living source in the mines.

Tigatron: That means that we're getting close.

Airazor: Come on.

With Yuna, Brian and Stewie.

Princess Yuna: Well, Help isn't here yet. But, At least we can remember the good old days.

Brian Griffin: Tell me about it.

Stewie Griffin: Me too. What good old days are you remembering?

Princess Yuna: About how my friends and I defeated any evil who tried to get rid of us.

Brian Griffin: Wow!

Stewie Griffin: I can remember the time I was saved by Mario from Sheldon.

Princess Yuna: No kidding. Your turn, Brian.

Brian Griffin: Okay. I can remember how I've shaved my fur off to get back at Peter for bothering me with his naked body. It was Stewie's idea.

Stewie Griffin: It's true.

Princess Yuna: Whoa!

Brian Griffin: I know, Right?

Stewie Griffin: It's just like the good old day's we'll always remember.

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