Here's how the second dragon attack goes in The Beginning of the Chronicles II

[Several days later, sometime after the New Years', everyone is asleep]

Nyx: [soflty snoring]

[then there's a load floosh]

Nyx: Huh?

[she then gets up and then sees what she is seeing]

Nyx: Dragons!

Dragons: ROAR!!

[Everyone else awakes and then they race out and then see dragons attacking!!!]

Rainbow: Oh, for the love pete.

[they then rushed out and began to battle them again]

Applejack: Git' these beasts! [she then takes out her coachgun]

Rainbow: Now for some better action! [does a battle cry as she jumps onto the snout of a Monstrous Nightmare.]

Monstrous Nightmare: ROAR!! ROAR!!!

[then we view Nyx seeing something]

Nyx: [gasping] Oh my!

[but Nyx is so distracted with it, she fails to notice another Monstrous Nightmare walking up behind her]

Nyx: [looks back and is face-to-face with the Monstrous Nightmare] Oh great.

[Then we view Shining Armor racing towards some dragons]


Shining Armor: [looks back and sees Nyx being chased by the Monstrous Nightmare] Time to make up for what I did to Nyx.

[the Monstrous Nightmare continues chasing Nyx, firing its fire at her and then it has her cornered]

Nyx: Please, Mr. Monstrous Nightmare! I don't taste that good!

Monstrous Nightamre: [licks his tongue]

[But before it can attack, Shining Armor tackles it]

[The Monstrous Nightmare then tries to blast fire but none comes out]

Shining Armor: Outta juice. [he then starts beating it with his rifle]

[soon the Monstrous Nightmare has enough and leaves]

Nyx: Thanks, uncle Shining.

Shining Armor: Anythime.

[Meanwhile, Snowdrop is sleeping]

Snowdrop: [softly snoring]

[but then another Monstrous Nightmare sneaks in her room]

[but as it crawls into it, it steps on a stuffed animal which makes a sound]

Snowdrop: Huh?

[she then hears claws tapping the floor]

Snowdrop: Who's there?

[she then hears a low growl]

Snowdrop: [hiding in her sheets] Hello?

[Down stairs Primrose hears it]

Primrose: Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Mother?

[Then the dragon sniffs at her]

Snowdrop: [queitly whimpering]

Monstrous nightmare: ROAR!!!

Snowdrop: MOTHER!!!

Primrose: [comes in] Snowdrop!

[The Monstrous Nightmare then gets her attention, and growls]

Primrose: Snowdrop, run!

[Snowdrop does so as, Primrose follows behind, but the Monstrous Nightmare bursts through a window and jumps in front of them]

Primrose: Snowdrop, I want you to run away and hide!

Snowdrop: No! We gotta stick together!

Primrose: Don't worry about me. (takes Snowdrop's hoof and trace down it) You can do this. Go in a striaght line and don't turn back.

Snowdrop: [tearing up] Please don't do this, Mother. Please dont.

Primrose: Sweetie, your gonna be okay. [peaks her on the cheek] Now, go.

Snowdrop: [nods and she races off]

Primrose: [takes out a spike] Alright, it's you and me!

Monstrous Nightmare: [growls as he slowly approaches Primrose]

[Primrose soon begins beating it up but then it smacks her with it's tail, as Primrose then tries to hold it off]

Snowdrop: [stops running to catch her breath] [then she hears something]

[we now hear Primrose groaning]

Snowdrop: Oh no!

[then Primrose is slammed down]

Primrose: [grabs a pole]

[she then slams the pole on the Monstrous Nightmare several times]

[But then the Monstrous Nightmare picks her up]

Primrose: [groaning]

[then suddenly it eats her! (off-screen)]

Snowdrop: Oh no, oh no. [she then starts weeping. Then she runs away in the forest]

[At Canterlot castle]

[we now see a Hideous Zippleback and Flare flyer Fly into an open window on the castle, which Nyx notices]

Nyx: [gasp] They're going into Skyla's room! [she then races for the castle]

Skya: [sleeping]

[the 2 dragons then slowly walk towards her]

[Then Skyla wakes up]

Skyla: Dinosaurs!

[but then another dragon (a Night Fury) bursts in through the window and lands in front of Skyla nd roars at the 2 other dragons]

Nyx: [races in and then gasps]

Skyla: Dinosaurs, dinosaurs!

[the Night Fury then roars at the 2 dragons as it puts itself between Skyla and the other 2 dragons]

Nyx: [watching in awe]

Night Fury: ROAR!!!

[the 2 other dragons then leave]

Skyla; Dinosaur!

[the Night Fury then looks at Skyla and then at Nyx and nods it head as it takes off out the window]

Nyx: Huh? Hmm, wonder what kind of dragon that was? [leaves]

[we now see a Fire Drake coming into Sharon's room]

[Meanwhile, Celestia hears it]

Princess Celestia: Huh? [she then sees the Fire Drake in Sharon's room] Sharon!

[she then races into the room taking out her revolver and cocking it as she does]

[but when she steps in, it showed Sharon likes it]

Sharon: Look, Mother. A dinosaur.

Princess Celestia: [is in awe at the sight]

[Then the Fire Drake starts to nuzzle Sharon, as Celestia uncocks her gun]

Princess Celestia: Very sweet.

Barret Barricade: SHARON!!! [fires at the Fire Drake]

Fire Drake: ROAR!!!!!

Princess Celestia: Barret, no!

[the Fire Drake then roars]

Barret Barricade: Celestia, get Sharon and get out of here.

[But the Fire Drake sees Celestia and begins to shoot out a fire ball]

Barret Barricade: Go, now!

[But Celestia didn't listen. Then suddenly the Fire Drake fires and Barret jumps in front of her]

Barret Barricade: [as Zuko] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! [gets blasted and the Fire Drake leaves]

Princess Celestia: Barret!

Sharon: Mother, is Father okay?

Princess Celestia: No, he's gonna be fine sweetie.

[Then Princess Luna comes in and holds Sharon]

Princess Celestia: Barret, stay with me.

Barret Barricade: Celestia..

Princess Celestia: Barret, don't leave us.

Barret Barricade: Celestia, take care of her. You're the best mare I ever met.

Princess Celestia: And you're the best stallion I had ever met.

[Barret then kisses Celestia and he then shuts his eyes and stops breathing]

Princess Celestia: No.. No.....

[she then starts weeping]

Sharon: [does the same]

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