This is where the team find the second ingredient and where they encounter the villains in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[Soon after a long walk our heroes are getting tired]

Brian: Okay everyone, let's rest. We need our legs some more energy.

Sharon: I'm with Brian on this one.

[Soon our heroes sit on their flanks]

Skyla: Why do we keep running into different types of Pokémon?!

Nyx: I'm not sure, but I think this jungle must be their territory.

Flareon: Oh, my legs hurt from all that walking.

Sylveon: Ah, another mile and you'll be fine. You'll see.

Human Fluttershy: Sunrise, what is it? What hurts?

Sunrise: The.... corns!

Sharon: Enough already with you and your corns! I don't wanna hear them, until we finish our quest! And after that, you and your corns can go home.

Jolteon: Hey, guys. Where did Peter go?

[In the next scene, Peter and the guys were looking for some water but they captured something else. They're in front of them was a large herd inhabited by Rhinos, Elephants, and Zebras]

Joe: Wow.

Quagmire: Rhinos, Elephants, and Zebras are all together.

Cleveland: It's incredible.

[Soon they all stopped what they're doing and are looking around]

Peter: We're making them nervous, get back a little.

[Then some creatures run by]

Elephant: [trumpeting]

Quagmire: Oh, God. [he walks back a little backwards, then turns around and runs while the others stay]

[Back with the others, they're still talking]

Armor Bride: Fishlegs, how much longer do we have?

Fishlegs: Just a few more miles.

Espeon: [sighs] You got to be kidding me a few more miles? My poor legs hurt.

Glaceon: Isn't there an easier way?

Henry: There is no easier way.

Sugarcoat: Listen, Henry. I am getting fed up with your "I'm smaller so makes me better than you" attitude of yours!

Henry: It's because I know this jungle!

[The 2 start arguing as Sharon pulls out a picture and she is getting tired]

Sharon: Alright, SHUT UP BOTH OF YA!

[The 2 stop]

Sharon: SHUT UP!!! [she turns her head to look at the picture]

[A flashback plays in her childhood]

["The Great Migration" starts playing]

[We see young Sharon playing with her baby toys]

Princess Celestia: Here I am.

Sharon: [looks up and sees Celestia]

Princess Celestia: [starts nuzzling her]

[Then Princess Luna comes up]

Princess Luna: Hey, Sharon.

[Then Sharon hides behind Celestia's legs]

Barret Barricade: Oh, don't be afraid. Come out.

[Sharon peaks out]

Princess Luna: Hi there.

[Then Sharon starts crying]

Princess Luna: Oh, dear. I scared her.

Princess Celestia: She does that to people she's unfamiliar with. [shes lifts up Sharon with her wings] Shh... shhh... shhh... it's alright, it's just your Aunt Luna.

[Sharon stops crying]

Princess Luna: Hi there.

Sharon: [giggling]

Barret Barricade: [chuckles] She likes you.

Princess Luna: I can tell.

Sharon: [baby laughs]

Princess Celestia: [then starts swinging both of her wings back and forth making her go to sleep]

Sharon: [baby laughs, then softly snores]

Princess Celestia: My Sharon, you'll become a great princess one day.

Barret Barricade: You might be the Princess of the Stars.

Sharon: [yawns and nuzzles on Celestia's wings and snores silently]

[Flashback ends]

[Sharon gets tears in her eyes, with our heroes watching her. And she traces her hoof on Barret's face and a tear lands on it]

Alpha: [nuzzles her]

Sharon: Oh, Alpha. [she hugs him and cries]

Skyla: Poor Sharon.

Yuna: [puts her wing on Sharon's back] We're gonna bring him back, I promise.

Sharon: [wipes a tear] I hope you're right.

Yuna: Of course I'm right. You'll see it's gonna be fine!

Brian: Wait you hear that?

Sylveon: Hear what?

Brian: Listen.

[Soon there is a rumbling sound, and leaves are falling from the trees]

Ralphie: What's that noise?

Wanda: It sounds like thunder.

Minka Mark: How can it be thunder? There's no cloud in the sky!

[Then Quagmire comes up]

Brian: Quagmire, what is it? Where's Peter?

Quagmire: Peter? Oh! He's up there, along with Cleveland and Joe!

[He runs down the lane]

[Then Cleveland runs up screaming]

Cleveland: Run guys!

[Then Joe is running too]

[Then finally Peter arrives]

["Head Towards the Animals" starts playing]

Peter: RUN GUYS!!

[Then there was the Rhino, Elephant, and Zebra herd stampeding behind them!]

Astrid: Holy cripes.

Sylveon: Go, Kids! Run!

[The Eeveelutions start running]

[Our heroes start running for their lives]

Fishlegs: Run! Run, run, run, run!

[Then Sharon drops her picture]

Sharon: [gasps] The picture! [he runs back]

Yuna: Sharon no!

Sharon: [grabs it and starts running] AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Rhinos: ROAR!!!

Yuna: Look out!

[A Zebra jumps over them]

[Soon the 2 are caught between the stampede]

Yuna: Sharon! Where are you!?

Sharon: I'm right here! Just keep running!

Yuna: Okay!

[Soon our heroes are caught inside the stampede, with the animals roaring]

Elephants: [trumpeting]

[Then a pack of Velociraptors are running up, and one hops on a Elephant]

Elephant: [trumpeting] [then slings him off with his trunk] [trumpeting]

[The raptor lands on the ground, and Peter kicks his face]

[Then the Crystal Prep Girls took cover at some trees]

Sunny Flare: Okay, we're safe here.

[Then a Velociraptor leaps down behind her]

Velociraptor: ROARING!!!!

The Crystal Prep girls: WHAAAAAHHH!!!

[They run back to the herd, but with the raptor chasing them]

Sugarcoat: Coming through! [runs past Yuna and Connie]

[Then there was the raptor trying to get Yuna, but she hides behind a Rhino. So the raptor tries to get Connie]

Connie: [screaming]

Yuna: [tackles it]

[And the raptor tumbles and falls and a Elephants steps on it's face]

[Soon our heroes and the entire herd are at a grass lands. Still running for their lives, along with the raptors still chasing them. Then there was the alpha of the pack, and she lays eyes on someone and she launches and kills a Zebra. And soon the entire herd clears and our heroes get together]

Sharon: Everyone okay?

Everyone: Yeah.

[Soon all the other raptors are eating the Zebra]

Human Rarity: Hey, creep shows! You can't get us now! [blows a raspberry]

[The raptors get her attention]

Female Raptor: [barks. And 3 male raptors go for her]

Zoe Trent: Sometimes, I hate you.

[Soon they are all running from the raptors]

Carlos: They're gonna eat us!

[Then they come up to a cliff, with a little stream down below]

Penny Ling: Oh no! A dead end!

Wanda: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?!

Brian: Guys, we have to jump!

Connie: I'm not jumping down, I'm a Giraffe!

Raptor: [screeching]

Brian: Oh, yes you are! [grabs her] JUMP!!!

[Our heroes and dragons jump down as the raptors arrive]

Everyone: DAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! [land in the water]

[Then the bus comes up like a giant raft and "Aslan's Camp" starts playing]

Snowdrop: Ah!

[Soon they are going down small waterfalls with them screaming, and soon they are catapulted from a giant rock and land in the water]

Cleveland: [coughing] It's a good thing the bus, can turn into a giant raft Miss Frizzle.

Miss Frizzle: It's no problem.

Sunil Nevla: [sees something up ahead] Uh oh!

Sour Sweet: Don't tell me. We're about to go down a huge waterfall.

Sunil Nevla: Yep.

Sour Sweet: Sharp rocks at the bottom?

Sunil Nevla: Most likely.

Human Pinkie: Hey, Quagmire you got your wish!

[Soon we see the huge waterfall and our heroes scream and land in the water]

[Our heroes come out of the water for air.]

Hiccup: Everyone alright?

Zoe Trent: No! I am not alright! I'm all wet!

Espeon: Oh, shut it! We're all wet!

Zoe Trent: Yeah, well; my beret is all soaked, wet, and ruined!

Peter: Oh, my God! Who the hell cares?

Zoe Trent: I do!

Sharon: Wait, where's Sunlight?

[Then Sunlight comes out for air and goes to shore]

Sunlight: Land! [laughs crazily. Then kisses it] Land, land... [resumes kissing it] Land. [kisses it again, and looks up and a red Ceratosaurus is looking at her] Well... this is awkward.

[The Ceratosaurus turned around and walked away from her]

[Then Henry comes back up]

Vinnie Terrio: Henry?

Henry: [not waking up]

Human Fluttershy: Henry!

[Henry then sinks into the water]

Human Rarity: [grabs him]

[then Human Rarity puts him to shore]

Vinnie Terrio: Is he dead?

Human Rarity: [put her ear to his chest] No, I can still hear a pulse.

Vinnie Terrio: Come on, Hen! Don't quit on us! [starts smacking him] He's not coming through!

Astrid: Then you're gonna have to give him the kiss of life, to wake him up.

Human Rarity: Kiss him?! I'm not gonna kiss him!

Astrid: Fine, then he's gonna die anyway.

Human Rarity: [to herself] Why me?

Vinnie Terrio: You saved him.

Human Rarity: [whimpers as she hesitantly opens his mouth, and his tongue comes out] Ew!! Alright... [softly] Lizard lips... [takes a breath as she brings her head over his mouth]

[Then Henry barely opens his eyes and sees her lips]

Henry: [his eyes spring open in shock]

Human Rarity and Henry: AAAH!!! (they both jump back in surprise)

Henry: Were you trying to kiss me?!

Human Rarity: I WAS NOT!!!

Vinnie Terrio: She was trying to revive you! You nearly died!

Henry: Oh, well thanks.

Human Rarity: Anytime, but no one ever speak about this to anyone! [she races in her purse and grabs a tin of mints and pops a few in her mouth]

Fishlegs: [looks back and then notices something] Hey, I think I know where we are.

Sharon: Where?

Fishlegs: We're almost to the water hole I was talking about! It's just around the corner!

Sunlight: Hey.

Sharon: What?

Sunlight: (scratches herself) Eww, I'm itchy!

Sharon: Itchy? Why are you so itchy?

Sunlight: How should I know? [then she looks behind her] AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Poison leeches! [scratches the leeches off of her and itches like crazy] Ow, ow, oh, itches! Ow, ow, itches! [crawls on the ground to stop the itching]

[Then there was an explosion, and there was Regirock and Registeel!]

Eevee: Great! The Regies are back!

Regirock: Rock! [uses hyper beam]

Toothless: [does a plasma blast making an explosion]

Sharon: Run go!

[Our heroes start running]

Connie: Firestorm, fire shield!

[Firestorm then fires out some fire and it starts most of the vegetation on fire making a wall between our heroes and the Regies]

Registeel: [beeping in anger]

Tuffnut: Oh, he's angry!

Ruffnut: How angry?!

Tuffnut: Really, really, really, anger!

Human Rainbow: Will you 2 quit arguing and just come on!

[Then Registeel's building up some energy and uses it to blast through the wall!]

Umbreon: Registeel used Flash Canon to broke through the wall!

Eevee: LEAVE US ALONE! [uses Shadow Ball] DAH!!

[the 2 get hit]

Regirock: ROCK!!

Glaceon: [uses Hazes] Let's go!

[They start running away. And once the haze cleared, our heroes were gone]

Regirock: [beeping in anger]

Registeel: [kicks down a tree]

[soon enough our heroes reach the water hole]


[the Meatlug starts digging in the sand of the water hole]

Sharon: Dig faster! Dig faster!

Fishlegs: Be patient!

[then Meatlug then takes out an object from the water]

Mushu: Wait, what is the object you were talking about Fishlegs?

[Meatlug turns around and then drops a round object on the ground]

Human Twilight: It's a rock.

Dorthy Ann: Not really, according to my research that very stone is a Moonstone.

Sharon: Moonstone?!

Fishlegs: Yeah, I found one in this water hole a while ago, and I figured that it could be our object to resemble the moon!

Nyx: Let me see. [picks it up with her magic] Yep. This'll do just fine. [places into in Eclipse's saddlebags]

Sharon: Now we need to find something to resemble the stars..

[but then Nightstar's head springs up and then she looks back and growls]

Yuna: What is it, girl?

Nightstar: [continues growling as she couches down to pouncing level]

Indigo Zap: Is she always like that?

Yuna: No, she's only like that when an enemy of her's is around.

[then Firestorm looks over a set of trees and then he couches down and starts scraping his claw in the sand]

Ralphie: Is it just me, or does it look like Connie's Typhoomerang is writing something?

Pheobe: Looks more like he's drawing something.

[Firestorm then finishes scraping his claw in the dirt and the camera then points above it to where we see "Big Rooster"]

Mushu: (reading) "Big Rooster?" What the heck does that mean?

Brian: Oh, no.

Henry: What?

Brian: Ernie.

Yuna: (face hoofs) Oh no! No wonder Nightstar's growling.

Sugarcoat: What's the big deal?

Human Rainbow: For your info that rooster has done really bad things when he came.

Human Twilight: Yeah, first he manhandled me and put a gun to my head!

Yuna: But worst of all, he used Nightstar to try and kill me but killed My Grandpa's father!

Sour Sweet: Oh, my!

Hiccup: Then we better make like a tree and leave!

Skyla: [looking around the corner] Uh, guys? He's not alone. He's brought friends.

Astrid: What kind of friends?

Skyla: That Pokemon poacher, the Nightmare family, a thin man with a shotgun, and some long-bearded dude, and a witch doctor wearing a top hat.

Zeñorita: Oh querido, ¿por qué tiene que ser ellos?

[Gun shots]

Brian: Quick, hide!

Yuna: Where?!

Ms. Fizzle: Bus, do your stuff! [presses a button and the Bus transforms into a camouflaged hut]

[and everyone heads inside it]

[Ernie is looking around]

Ernie: Search around.

Sideshow Bob: Right.

[The villains then start searching around]

Princess Black Hole: Where are you?

Nightmare Trix: Hey, I think they made a sign! [reading Firestorm's writing] "Big Rooster," What the hay is that suppose to me?

Ernie: Out of my way!

[He reads the message]

Sideshow Bob: "Big Rooster".

Ernie: [takes a closer look] This was written by dragon claws, they're close by!

Nightmare Moon: Fan out!

[they then spread out]

[inside the hut]

Hiccup: [whispering] Nobody, move a muscle.

[Then there was Sideshow Bob's Aerodactyl picking up a scent]

Aerodactyl: ROAR!!!

Sideshow Bob: There!

Skyla: I think it found us!

Mushu: Does anyone have an escape plan?

Sharon: I think I might have something in mind.

Ernie: Open up in there!

Sharon: [comes out from hiding] Okay! Okay! You got us!

Ernie: Ah, little miss sun princess. What a surprise.

Sharon: You're not a pretty picture yourself.

Ernie: Don't let this get out of hand. Hand over the ingredients.

Sharon: Why should I? Are you gonna try to resurrect an ancestor of my family so you can murder him or her too?

Ernie: I don't have time for you ridiculous jokes! Now give me those ingredients!

[then she opens her saddle which was empty]

Sharon: Oh, it appears I don't have them.

Ernie: [grabs her saddlebag] [as Nick Curren] What is this, some kind of JOKE?!

Sharon: Nope!


Nightmare Trix: OUCH!! Something bit my flank!

Mushu: Ugh! [spits] Ach! What a nasty flavor.

Nightmare Trix: [notices Mushu] EEK!! A SNAKE!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!! (she then kicks Mushu)

Mushu: Now, guys!

[Our heroes come up and attack them]

Nyx: Eclipse, Flame Thrower!

Eclipse: [does so]

Ernie: Ha! It's gonna take more fire power than a Star Shadow's to get us!

Yuna: Bigger fire power? We'll give you bigger fire power.

Connie: Firestorm!

Princess Black Hole: Firestorm?

[Firestorm then bursts out and roars]


Firestorm: [takes a deep breath and then fires a huge stream of fire]

[the villains then take cover as Firestorm continues blashing out fire]

[Then Sharon deploys her Lightsaber]

Ernie: [draws his own Lightsaber] Come here, baby!

Sharon: With Pleasure! [Force Leaps forward]

Ernie: [force leaps forward too]

[the 2 clash their lightsabers and soon Sharon does a twister like move]

Sharon: [strains]

Ernie: Die!

Sharon: Not yet! [she then does a Force Repulse]

[Sharon's Force Repulse then sends the all Villains flying in the air and they land on the ground]

Sharon: Let's ride on outta here!

[they hop on their dragons and fly off as Mushu continues spitting]

Nightmare Trix: I hope this bite mark isn't permanate.

Princess Black Hole: Ah, shut up.

Nyx: Man, that was a close call.

Mushu: [putting Toothpaste on on a Toothbrush] No! [bruashes his teeth] That was vile! You owe big time, Sharon! (spits) [squeezes a big glub of toothpaste in his mouth and then brushes his entire mouth]

Sharon: We can't continue on with only so much daylight left, we'll find a spot to make camp.

[as they fly on they find a nice clearing and make camp there and then later at Night, most of the riders are alseep but not Snowdrop]

[as we see Sharon standing outside of the camp with her rifle in hand]

[Flashback plays]

[It was fall and leaves we're falling from the tress and we see Sharon as a 5 year old raking them up in a pile]

Sharon: CANNON BALL!!! [jumps in them then pops out] [giggles]

Princess Celestia: Sharon, what ever are you doing?

Sharon: I'm raking the leaves, then jumping in them! [jumps in] See?

Princess Celestia: [chuckles] That's great sweetie, but how about you try putting them in a pile and get rid of them, instead of jumping in them?

Sharon: Oh, okay. I can do that! Watch.

["Tiny Tim's Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" plays while Sharon rakes up leaves after laves. Many, many, many leaves are put in a pile and in a bag, and are fired in the street. Eventually, all of the leaves are gone from the garden]

Sharon: See?

Princess Celestia: Very nice.

Sharon: And by the way, your patience is waiting for you.

Princess Celestia: [gasps] Oh, my goodness! Thank you Sharon! [rushes inside]

Sharon: [laughs] Your welcome]

[Flashback ends]

Frostlord: [taps Snowdrops' back]

Snowdrop: Oh, hey Frostlord, can't sleep?

Frostlord: [growls]

Snowdrop: Niether can I. I really wanna help Sharon out with this. But this is proving to be more than a simple task. Escepically with the villains after us.

Eaglesight: [growls]

Snowdrop: It's almost like the time of where I wanted to make something special for the Summer Spring Sunrise. [then Snowdrop gets an idea] Wait a minute, that's it! Why didn't I think of it before? I better tell Nyx and Sharon!

[but Snowdrop goes to wake up Nyx, Sharon hears something]

Sharon: Huh? [she slowly walks away from the camp] Hello? Anyone out there?

[but As Sharon continues going outside of camp, she is beeing watched, and then suddenly, she's shoved to ground!]

Sharon: Ow!

Ernie: Well, we meet again Sharon.

Sharon: (glares) Ernie.

Ernie: You can't get rid of me that easy!

[the 2 deploy their sabers and start clashing their sabers but as they come to a mid clash, Ernie Force Lightning Zaps Sharon!]

Sharon: GAAAAHHH!!!!

Ernie: [evil laughs]

[then out form the shadows, appears, Rasputin!]

Rasputin: Hello Sharon.

Sharon: Have mercy, please, PLEASE!!

Ernie: There is no mercy! [zaps her with a powerful force lighning]

Sharon: AAAAHH!!!!!!

Ernie: Do not worry, I'm not going to kill you, I have other uses for you. [cackles as he continues Force Lightning Zapping Sharon]

Sharon: [yells in pain as he continues]

Ernie: Now, Rasputin!

[Rasputin then takes out his amulet and then an arua then surrounds Sharon]

Rasputin: Now, you will see what it's like to be a SITH!!

[then the aura spins like a twister and turns Sharon to something, once the dust cleared she had red eyes and became a Sith!]

Ernie: Sucess!

Sharon: I shalll obey any command you give master.

Ernie: Good, now kill the others.

Sharon: Yes sir.

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