Here's how the second shootout and the train pursuit goes in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[the trains soon are approaching their next stop]

Trixie: After this stop, we'll search the trains for the gold.

[The police soon arrive at the station and they wait for the trains]

Zoe Trent: There they are.

[the trains pull in]

Officer Drake: Get ready.

Nyx: They're stopping!

[the trains stop]

Officer #1: Okay sir, as the passenger come and go, we'll keep an eye out for our targets.

Officer Drake: And put handcuffs around them.

[inside the Daylight Special]

Blackie: There's the police.

Spongebob: And the pets and the foals are with them!

Cadance: Skyla! Thank goodness!

Blackie: I'm gonna go out and try to talk to them. Stay here.

[Soon, Blackie steps out fo the train and starts to head for them]

[inside the Silver Streak]

Sonata Dusk: [bursts in] We got trouble!

Adagio Dazzling: What trouble?

Sonata Dusk: The police are here!

Sunset Shimmer: Drats, those foals and pets snitched on us!

Aria Blaze: Guess, we'll just have to fight our way out.

[They cock their Lugers]

Officer Drake: [takes out his Ithaca 37 shotgun and cocks it]

[then Sunset steps out of the coach]

Officer Drake: Hold it right there, Shimmer!

Sunset Shimmer: Whoa!

Officer Drake: [fires] Come on! Get those freaks!

Sunil Nevla: Quick! Head behind that bench!

[the foals and pets hide behind a bench]

[many Officers get behind some objects for cover]

Arai Blaze: They're getting abjects.

Adagio Dazzling: Okay, we'll make a distraction.

Trixie: We'll cover from the front of the train.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, and get those 2 idiots to cover with us.

[We then see Blackie sneaking towards the foals and pets]

[Trixie and Sunset head up to the engine and start firing like crazy, as Snips and Snails join them]

[Blackie is getting closer to them]

Sonata Dusk: [breaks a window in their coach suite and covers fire from it]

[Adagio Dazzling and Aria get near the baggage car and cover fire from there]

Blackie: [taps Skyla's shoulder]

Skyla: GAH!! [looks back] Blackie!

Blackie: Here you are, where've you been?

Nyx: Long story.

Blackie: What happend?

Zeñorita: We searched for the gold in the Silver Streak's baggage car and we didn't find the gold in it.

Blackie: Then it must be in the Daylight Special's baggage car.

Snowdrop: Yes.

Blackie: You guys get on the Silver Streak, me and Sponge will take care of the rest.

[They fight countinues]

Blackie: [races back into the Daylight Special as Spongebob comes up]

Spongebob: What's the plan?

Blackie: We've got to get this train moving. You head for the cab, I'll get my guns.

Spongebob: Okay. [he races for the Daylight engine as Blackie heads back to his coach suite]

[back outside]

Zoe Trent: Where are they?

Human Pinkie: Guys!

Zoe Trent: [yelps] Please don't scare us like that!

Human Pinkie: Sorry.

Human Rainbow: What's going on?

Sykla: Long story, but we need to get on the Silver Streak to do something. Can you help us out?

Human Applejack: You got it!

[the gun fire continues]

Spongbob: [climbs up into SP 4449 Daylight's cab] There they are!

[Blackie then climbs into the cab from the back door (in front of the tender)]

Blackie: Sponge, get this train started!

Spongebob: Right! [hops in the driver seat and takes off the brakes]

Officer Drake: [fires his last shot in his shotgun] Reloading! [takes cover behind a ticket booth and starts reloading his shotgun]

[then the Daylight Special starts moving]

Yuna: Hey, what.. what's going on?

Raj: What was that?

Clam: [looks out window] Train moving!

Yuna; [takes alook aswell] It is moving!

[the train slowly starts to pull out of the station]

Daring Do: Who the hay is driving this train?!

Blackie: Okay, just start out slowly and then open the regulator to 50% when we pull out.

Spongebob: Got it.

Blackie: [starts to put fresh clips in his guns]

Trixie: [looks back] Uh, guys?

Sunset Shimmer: They're stealing the train!

Adagio Dazzling: NO! We can't let them take our gold!

Sunset Shimmer: [to Snips and Snails] You 2 keep firing, we've got a train to catch!

[as they continue firing, Trixie, Sunset, Adagio, and Aria get into the cab of the engine]

Assistant engineer: Hey, you don't belong in here!

Sunset Shimmer: Wrong! [hits him in the head with her left foot]

Trixie: [zaps the Engineer out cold]

Adagio Dazzling: [starts up the train]

[The train starts to move slowly]

Zoe Trent: Hey! They're stealing the Silver Streak!

Pepper Clark: We've gotta jump on it now!

[Snips and Snails notice the train mving and they run for the engine but as they do, an officer with an M16 shoots Snails in his leg]

Snails: AAH! [falls down]

Snips: Buddy! [helps him up]

[they slowly make their way to the cab ladder]

Officer Drake: Hold your fire!

[Snips and Snails start climbing up the cab ladder]

Minka Mark: Come on! [jumps into one of the coaches]

[The others run along side the coaches and they jump on board just before the coaches pull out of the station]

Snips: [just below the cab door] Sunset! Sunset!

Sunset Shimmer: [stomps on Snips' hands]

Snips: Ow!

[the 2 falls off and tumble on the hillside next to the track]

[the police all pursue the train]

Skyla: Come on, to the engine!

[They rush down the coaches]

[the Daylight Special races forward down the line but the Silver Streak is slowly catching up]

Blackie: [as Kyle Reese] Faster! Drive Faster!

Aria Blaze: Get them!

Adagio Dazzling: Give it more power, I'm going out. [opens the front door]

Sunset Shimmer: [puts the throttle to notch 7]

Spongebob: There's a switch coming up!

Blackie: Good to know. [cokcs his M1911 pistol]

Adagio Dazzling: [is now leaning out of the nose door of the engine and she's about to grab the Daylight Special's brake coach]

[But as the Daylight Special goes over the switch, Blackie shoots the switch lever which switches the Silver Streak on the other line.]

Adagio Dazzling: WHOA!!

Blackie: Well, that's one way of keeping some jerks away from your train. Ha! HA!

[then a police chopper flies overhead]

Sunset Shimmer: [leans out the side door and fires]

Aria Blaze: Adagio, get back in here! Police are flyin' above us! [takes her foot off the dead man's petal]

Sunset Shimmer: Keep your foot on that petal!

Aria Blaze: OKAY!! [presses the petal]

Trixie: Doh! I'll take care of that! [she leans dwn and starts welding the petal to the floor with her magic]

Adagio Dazzling: [joins Susnet in shooting at the chopper]

[back in the coaches]

Sonata Dusk: [enters one of the dining cars] Perfect. [she breaks another window and moves the table over and fires]

[then the foals, pets, and Human Mane 5 enter]

Sonata Dusk: Hey! [fires at them]

Human Rarity: Get down!

[they take cover under some of the other tables]

Penny Ling: [pops up and grabs a serving dish] Yah! [throws the dish alike a frisbee]

Sonata Dusk: [gets hit in the head with the dish] DAAH!!

Human Applejack: [fires her coachgun]

Sonata Dusk: [hit in the chest] AAH! [falls down, dead]

Human Rainbow: Nice throw, Penny Ling.

Penny Ling: Um, thanks?

Aria Blaze: [is about to shoot Penny Ling, when]

???: I'm afraid I cannot allow you to do that, Aria.

[She turns around and shows that it is Brian reaching his lightsaber]

Aria Blaze: Greetings Snoopy! [activates her lightsaber]

Brian: [activates his]

["Redemption (from SW: THFU)" starts playing]

[The 2 begin clashing in diffrent angles]

Skyla: [notices the duel] Look over there!

[Everyone turns and sees Brian and Aria's duel]

Human Pinkie: It's Brian!

[the other girls continue shooting at the choppers and pursuing police]

Trixie: [places a toolbox on the petal] That'll do it.

[the train goes faster]

Officer Drake: Just have to get one clear shot.

[in SP 4449 Daylight]

Blackie: We need to take those gals out!

Spongebob: But how?

Blackie: I've got an idea, if I can get onto the tender and fire from there, I might give Officer Drake a chance to get them.

Spongebob: Okay!

Blackie: [starts to get onto the tender]

[the girls continue their fire]

[Blackie then gets onto the tender and grabs his M14 and cocks it]

Blackie: Slow her down just a bit!

Spongebob: [slowly puts on the brakes]

[the train is now pararel with the Sliver Streak]

Blackie: Oh, man! This is getting bad. Gotta make this shot! [aims at the girls] Get ya. [he fires] 

Trixie: Whoa!

Blackie: [fires]

[Brian and Aria continue their duel, but the siren pins Brian]

Aria Blaze: Now I'll destroy Snoopy, once and for all!

Brian: [closes his eyes and turns away and prepares for the worst]

[Then, Blackie's shot hits Aria in the head]

Aria Blaze: UH!! [falls down dead]

Brian: [opens his eyes]

Adagio Dazzling: What in the?!

Officer Drake: [aims, and then fires his Auto 9 pistol at them]

[the shots hits Trixie in the right leg]

Trixie: AAH!!

Officer Drake: [fires and hits Sunset in her left leg]

Sunset Shimmer: GRAH!!

Officer Drake: [fires and hits Adagio in both of her legs]

Adagio Dazling: AH!!

[the 3 fall to their knees and try to fire again, but Officer Drake fires again. And the shots hit them in their chests, causing them to drop their Lugers. As they are now halfway out of the engine cabin]

[train horn]

[they look and see an oncoming frieght train]

Trixie: [gasps]

[the train is getting closer and closer]

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, no!

Adagio Dazling: NO!!!

[then they are decapitated by the train (not shown on screen)]

Human Rarity: Oh, goodness!

Zoe Trent: Oh, geez!

Skyla: What happened?

Human Fluttershy: Don't look! Don't Look!

[the frieght train races by the Silver Streak]

Blackie: Uh oh.

Spongebob: What do you mean, "Uh oh?"

Blackie: No one's driving the Silver Streak!

SpongeBob: Oh no!

Officer Drake: [to the other officers] Alright, get the station on the radio. Tell them they've got a runaway train!

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