This is how Secretary of Defense talks about the attack goes in My Little Pony Transformers.

[We then see a helicopter flying over the Octogon]

[We cut to inside the building]

[We see a large group of ponies chattering]

[The Secretary of Defense comes out and shakes hands with a general]

Secretary of Defense: General.

[The General returns the greeting]

[The Secretary looks over at three ponies in particular]

Secretary of Defense: They look so young.

[The general looks in their direction as well]

The General: They're the best in their class in MIT. If anyone can figure it out, they can.

[One of the MIT students sees the Secretary and looks in shock]

MIT Student: Guys, this is Secretary of Defense.

[Another student looks shocked]

MIT Student #2: Oh, I am so underdressed.

[The General then walks up to the podium]

The General: Ladies and gentlemen. Secretary of Defense.

[Everypony rises]

[The Secretary takes the podium]

Secretary of Defense: Please be seated.

[Everypony sits back down]

Secretary of Defense: I'm Secretary Hooves. And obviously, you're all wondering why you're here.

[Some of the ponies look at each other in agreement]

Secretary of Defense: You're all here because we are under threat. At 04:00 local time yesterday, a US airbase was attacked in the Wild West, not far from Appleoosa.

[Some ponies look worried]

Secretary of Defense: As far we can tell, there were no survivors. All we managed to retrieve is this sound.

[The sound Blackout made when he hacked the computer system plays]

[Everypony looks at each in shock and confusement]

Secretary of Defense: That's the signal that attacked our military network.

[He goes on to give a speech about how they will be split into teams to find the hackers]

[We cut to Rarity arriving at her house]