Masami hedgehog by legoland1085-d2ajcf0

The second fasted thing alive

Name: Seiichi Hedgehog (original name:Masami Hedgehog)

Species: Hedgehog/Seijuujin Cat


Charles Hedgehog (Father)

Unnamed female Seijuujin (mother)

Bernadette Hedgehog (Aunt)

Jules the Hedgehog (uncle)

Sonic the Hedgehog (cousin)

Ability: Makes himself slippery and also a speed expert.

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Eyes: Green Fur
Color(s): Green, peach [muzzle]

HairColor(s): Green (fur)

Digimon partner: Terriermon

Friends: Ryo Vulpes and Dave Felis

Bio: Masami Hedgehog, the witty cousin of Sonic the Hedgehog, which would make him one of the smarter allies in the group. He's very honest about people and everything else, although sometimes his honest opinions are insulting for some of his friends. The second-in-command of the team and always quick for action.

Personal Vehicles:

Autobot Vehicle/ Autozord Bulkhead (Animated)(Forms the back of Daijinoh Knight Mode)

Aerialbot/Aerialzord vehicle Fireflight (forms the right arm of Aerialbot Combiner/Aerial Megazord Superion) Protectobot/Protectozord Blades (forms the right arm of Protectobot combiner/Protecto Megazord Defensor) Technobot vehicle/Technozord Lightspeed (Forms the right leg of Technobot combiner/ Techno Megazord Computron)